Are Nancy And Jonathan Still Dating In Stranger Things Season 4? (Spoiler)

Are Nancy and Jonathan still dating
Are Nancy and Jonathan still dating

Since the premiere of Stranger Things in 2016, the fandom has been divided over who Nancy should end up with. Nancy dates Steve at the beginning of the series, but they struggle to make things work, and Nancy begins to fall in love with Jonathan. Jonathan and Nancy are very much a couple by the end of Season 3, and Steve claims that he is completely over Nancy.

Do Jonathan and Nancy break up in Stranger Things 4?

Stranger Things 4 begins with Nancy already at Emerson, where she is the editor of the college newspaper. Meanwhile, Jonathan and his family have relocated to California. Argyle and Fred, their friends, notice that the distance is straining their relationship and confront Jonathan and Nancy about why they aren’t visiting each other over Spring Break.

Nancy, according to Jonathan, is not visiting because she is working so hard on her paper and cannot take time off. Meanwhile, Nancy claims that Jonathan isn’t visiting her because he needs to care for his brother and is also waiting for an Emerson acceptance letter to arrive in the mail.

When Nancy fails to pay him a visit, Jonathan informs Argyle that he has decided to attend Lenora Community in California rather than Emerson, and that he will not tell Nancy because he does not want her to give up her dreams to be with him.
Meanwhile, Robin notices that something is wrong with Jonathan and Nancy, and Nancy expresses her sadness because Jonathan was supposed to visit her but cancelled “for some vague, mumbly Jonathan reason.”

Nancy and Jonathan

During this time, Nancy and Steve are thrown back into each other’s orbit when a new supernatural villain known as Vecna begins to wreak havoc on Hawkins. They band together to try to save the town, and sparks fly throughout their scenes together. Steve and Nancy can be seen flirting with each other and getting closer than normal friends do.

Then, in episode 6, Steve jumps through a portal to the Upside Down, and when he’s been gone for too long, Nancy jumps in without hesitation. After fighting off various demons in episode 7, a shirtless Steve clutches Nancy and, while they don’t kiss or do anything else, it’s clear that they have a lot of chemistry.

Volume 1 ends with Vecna possessing Nancy, and it appears that it will be up to Steve to help save her because Jonathan is thousands of miles away. We’ll have to wait until Volume 2 to find out if Nancy ends up with Steve instead of Jonathan.

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Do Nancy and Steve get back together in Stranger Things season 4?

Nancy and Steve spend a lot more time together in Stranger Things season 4 part 1 as they band together with all of the other kids left in Hawkins — Robin (Maya Hawke), Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo), Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin), and Max (David Harbour) (Sadie Sink). They do not reconcile their romance, but it appears to be a possibility. There’s still a spark between the two, and Natalia Dyer wants it to happen. She stated in a 2019 interview:

“I’d love to see if [Nancy] and Steve ever get back together, or if they ever find closure.” Will their story ever come to an end? I’m intrigued. I also want her to make a female friend. Barb, rest in peace.”

Nancy and Steve

In addition, some of the other characters, including their new friend Eddie, are attempting to reconcile Nancy and Steve (Joseph Quinn).

Nancy and Jonathan are still together at the end of Stranger Things Season 4 Part 1. But we’ll have to wait and see how long that lasts. Make sure to watch all of Volume 1 on Netflix right now! Volume 2 will be available on July 1.

Working Relationship

Nancy and Jonathan begin a romantic relationship in Season 3. Both are doing summer internships at the Hawkins Post, but they clash after Nancy encounters workplace sexism. After fighting off the Mindflayer at Hawkins Hospital, the two eventually find their way back together.

Long Distance Damages

Season 4 sees the couple split up, with Nancy in Hawkins and Jonathan in California. Jonathan avoids Nancy in fear of confronting the future, so the two pretend their relationship is working. He admits to trying to “slowly break up with her” after an open conversation with his friend Argyle. Nancy and Jonathan have yet to discuss their relationship by the end of volume 1.

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A Spark Reignited

When Steve and Nancy are thrown together in the middle of Vecna, the newest threat from the Upside Down, they begin spending more time together, and the gang realizes that feelings may still exist between the exes.

After Nancy (who doesn’t know Robin is gay) becomes jealous of her relationship with Steve and tries to coax Nancy into admitting she still loves her ex-boyfriend, Robin (Maya Hawke), Steve’s best friend, is the first to notice.

Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn), a new addition to the Hawkins gang, tells Steve that Nancy’s bravery in saving him is “the biggest act of true love my cynical heart has ever seen” after Nancy dives head first into a lake to save Steve from Vecna.

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