Who Died In The Midnight Club Season 1? Here’s What We Know

Who Dies in ‘The Midnight Club’ Here's What We Know
Who Dies in ‘The Midnight Club’ Here's What We Know

Spooky season isn’t just about ghosts, goblins, and vampires. It also includes all kinds of horror, including the horror of life, which is often defined by death. So, it makes sense that a lot of people die in The Midnight Club, the new series by horror expert Mike Flanagan.

The Netflix show is based on a book by Christopher Pike of the same name. It shows the lives of a group of teens who live in hospice care.

Each of the teens has been told they have a disease that will kill them, so they all live together at Brightcliffe Manor. But if that’s the case, one or more of them must die in the series.

Not only that, but since this is a horror series, other characters could also die. And because some of the smaller stories are scary, there may be even more deaths than expected. So, in The Midnight Club, who dies?

In “The Midnight Club,” A Few People Die, And One Of The Deaths Is Very Sad

Seeing a show about teens who live in hospice care is bound to make you think about death a few times. The first person to die is a teen named Tristan who we don’t get to know all that well and who dies of their illness.

Natsuki (Aya Furukawa) was obviously close to Tristan, and the fact that she died so quickly shows how real these diseases are to the characters and to the audience.

In Episode 7, however, Anya (Ruth Codd) dies in a sad way. At the beginning of the series, she seems cold and stubborn, but it’s clear that since she’s been at Brightcliffe the longest, she’s also been through the most sadness and tragedy. When her time comes, the other teens at Brightcliffe do everything they can to keep her alive, but the disease wins.

In the next episode, we see a version of Anya where she lives but everyone else dies. We don’t know for sure what this is. Is everyone in Brightcliffe in a different part of the afterlife?

Is that what Anya thinks the afterlife is like? (If that’s true, it’s pretty bad.) No matter what it is, Anya does die in the Midnight Club world of our characters.

In “The Midnight Club,” No One Else Dies, But Many Characters Come Close To Dying

Surprisingly, Shasta’s (Samantha Sloyan) “friends” have the closest brush with death, as opposed to the teens in the hospice. Essentially, once Ilonka (Iman Benson) discovers Shasta’s true identity, she smuggles her and some of her companions down the Brightcliffe basement for a wellness ritual.

However, due to Shasta, the ceremony goes astray, and her pals swallow a poison that nearly kills them. The three women are saved by Dr. Stanton and Ilonka, and they recuperate in the hospital.

Obviously, every youngster residing in the hospice is terminally ill, but it is implied that some are closer than others. By the end of the series, Amesh (Sauriyan Sapkota) begins to lose motor capabilities, and Kevin (Igby Rigney) appears to continue fading.

In addition, as the kids narrate various stories in which too many characters perish to list, they provide insight into their personal relationships with death.

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