The Outlaws Netflix Cast, Release Date, Plot, Episodes And More Facts!

The Outlaws Netflix Cast
The Outlaws Netflix Cast

Stephen Merchant’s dark comic thriller The Outlaws, set in a Bristol community service program, has a Netflix teaser. Stephen Merchant’s “The Outlaws” is an exciting minor crime drama. In a small suburban community, four unexpected friends are caught up in illicit activity.

Merchant’s dark comedy and riveting storyline make “The Outlaws” unique. The story follows these misfit people as they face the consequences of their acts, blurring right and wrong. As the outlaws encounter increasingly odd and humorous situations, each episode is a rollercoaster of surprises. Merchant’s brilliant wordplay and odd humor kept spectators enthralled throughout.

An outstanding ensemble cast gives “The Outlaws” depth and complexity. The charismatic commander and eccentric sidekick give authenticity and appeal to the series. “The Outlaws” is full of humor, mystery, and surprising fellowship. Stephen Merchant’s creative genius makes the show a must-watch for those seeking an exciting and original television experience.

The Outlaws: Cast

On leading the cast are two very famous faces, show creator, Stephen Merchant, and veteran Hollywood legend Christopher Walken. In this, each of the episodes features one of the delinquents, a spineless, typically Merchant-esque lawyer.

We will see some other faces that are quite unfamiliar to international audiences, with a mix of newer and veteran faces in Darren Boyd, Clare Perkins, Eleanor Tomlinson, Rhianne Barreto, and Gamba Cole. The British actor Richard E. Grant plays the snooty father of one of the community services.

The Outlaws Netflix Cast

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The Outlaws: Plot

The story of the series follows seven people who belong to different parts of English society and concludes together to work as part of a community service program in Bristol. They have cleaned up an old rec center, they come to know each other to be more closely, and get their initial impressions may have been a little hasty.

While the group gets a duffel bag contains with an important amount of cash and comes away on a rooftop, the test of their newly formed relationships really begins as they come up against one of the most ruthless gangs in Britain.

The Outlaws: Release Date

On April 1, The Outlaws along with the rest of the season’s episodes became accessible on Amazon Prime Video. Now, the first episode of the series became available on Netflix on July 7, 2023.

Netflix tweeted that The Outlaws is now on streaming. You can see below:

The Outlaws: Episodes Count

This one, like many other comedies produced in the United Kingdom by the BBC, only runs for a limited number of episodes. There are only six episodes total in the first season, all of which were created during the first production run.

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