The Last Man On Earth Season 5 Has Been Canceled On Fox: Everything You Need To Know!

The Last Man on Earth Season 5 date

The Last Man on Earth was one of the most exciting new sitcoms in recent years. The FOX show premiered in 2015, with Will Forte as the titular last man, a pilot directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, and a lot of secrecy. The main cast was kept under wraps because the show led viewers to believe Forte was truly playing the last man on Earth, and we followed his solitary hijinks and melancholy in a very engrossing way.

The show lasted four seasons and really came into its own as a distinct ensemble comedy. The excitement of those first few episodes was never quite replicated, especially as the series settled into a more traditional formula in its final two seasons, but Forte was always willing to throw audiences a curve ball, all the way up to the series finale’s unintended consequences.

Is Season 4 the final season of The Last Man on Earth?

After four seasons, FOX canceled The Last Man on Earth, leaving the Season 4 finale cliffhanger unresolved. At the time, Forte said he knew how the cliffhanger would be resolved if the show got a fifth season, but that didn’t happen. However, now that the show has been canceled, Forte is fine with revealing the plans they had.

In the final moments of Season 4, the group discovered a charming house and farm in Tapachula, Mexico, where they decided to build a home. However, after making the decision, the group was surrounded by mysterious underground colonists.

Plot of The Last Man on Earth Season 4

Tandy (Will Forte) and his fellow survivors packed their belongings, unsuccessfully blew up the Zihuatanejo drug-and-death-hiding mansion — a.k.a. the gingerbread house of corpses, a.k.a. the raging carnival of horrors — and optimistically set their sights on Cancun in the season 4 finale of The Last Man on Earth. Or, as Gail (Mary Steenburgen) insisted, “Cancun, baby!”

The group then pit-stopped at a farm in Tapachula that Tandy and Mike (Jason Sudeikis) had previously located on their heat-seeking map and discovered a herd of goats (but not those humans living underneath the field).

Tandy had an epic epiphany while burying Clancy the robot dog and persuaded the coastal-focused group that this plot of paradise right here — with its abundant fruit trees, goats, and non-robot dog — was actually the better place to permanently settle. Or, as he puts it, “be like a tree and put some roots down.”

But when he said contentedly, “It finally feels like things are going to be okay,” his fellow survivors (except Mike, who said goodbye again) piled out of the train-carrying truck and urged him to come look. “I mean, there’s just something peaceful about knowing you’re going to,” he continued, “… die.”

That last word was uttered as he, too, caught sight of an unsettling sight: dozens of gas-mask-wearing individuals encircling the group from all sides. Who exactly are they? What do they desire? How do Mike’s armpit hairs smell? Given the show’s ratings struggles, could this be the final episode of the daring post-apocalyptic comedy? Put on your goggles and hard hats as Last Man creator and star Will Forte answers these and other questions.


Is there going to be a fifth season of The Last Man on Earth?


Is Last Man on Earth getting a fourth season?

The fourth and final season of The Last Man on Earth is an apocalyptic affirmation of friendship, with such joyful chemistry between its ensemble that it will satisfy audiences despite the cliffhanger ending.

Is the Last Man on Earth going to return?

The Last Man on Earth, despite being created by Saturday Night Live alum Will Forte and The LEGO Movie directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller, was not renewed after Season 4.

Where can I watch Season 4 of The Last Man on Earth?


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