The Flight Attendant Season 3: Is The Flight Attendant Based On A Book?

the flight attendant season 3 release date
the flight attendant season 3 release date

The second season of one of the best HBO Max shows, The Flight Attendant, starring Kaley Cuoco, has just ended. Even though a lot of people are probably still wondering how Cuoco’s character, Cassie, made it through The Flight Attendant Season 2’s surprising ending, you can bet that a lot of other people have already moved on to hoping for a third season. Now, Cuoco has said what she really thinks about making another season of her popular show.

What Did Kaley Cuoco Say About Making A Third Season Of The Flight Attendant?

The third season of the flight attendant hasn’t been picked up yet. Even though news of season three might come a little later, the show is likely to come back in the summer of 2023.

The Flight Attendant Season 3: Expected Cast

The return of Kaley Cuoco is a given. The former Big Bang Theory star not only plays (multiple versions of) the main character, but she is also a key voice behind the scenes. But who else would probably join Kaley in the third season?

We think that Annie and Max, played by Zosia Mamet and Deniz Akdeniz, Shane, played by Griffin Matthews, and Davey, played by TR Knight, will all be back. Megan Briscoe (Rosie Perez), who went into witness protection at the end of season two, will also continue to play a key role.

If her schedule allows it, Hollywood legend Sharon Stone would also play Cassie’s mom again, so we can expect a lot more drama from that relationship.

After Grace killed herself in the second season’s second-to-last episode, Mae Martin isn’t likely to come back. Even so, Cassie’s mind is pretty unstable, and it’s not like dead people have never shown up in her mind palace.

the flight attendant season 3
the flight attendant season 3

Plot Of The Flight Attendant Season 3

The first season of The Flight Attendant was based on the book written by Chris Bohjalian. Season two and season three, however, went in their own direction. But what exactly might that mean?

In the last episode of season two, Cassie had problems with both Dot and Grace. In the next episode, Jenny gave her more trouble. She didn’t have a podcast at all, it turned out. She was actually Felix’s girlfriend or just a crazy fan. In either case, Jenny tries to kill Cassie to please him, but Cassie knocks her out with the help of Davey.

Cassie makes up with her mother at the end of the book before going to Annie and Max’s wedding. Overall, it’s a happy ending, and now that Annie and Max are going to start their own PI business, future seasons could focus on Cassie’s work with that instead of the CIA.

Beyond that, though, let’s just hope that Cassie finds peace with her sobriety and doesn’t get involved in too many more murders.

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