When Does ‘jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean’ Part 3 Debut On Netflix?

stone ocean netflix
stone ocean netflix

When Netflix decided to make JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure an exclusive to its streaming platform, the arrival of Jolyne Cujoh within the story of Stone Ocean was highly anticipated by the anime community. However, at this year’s Anime Japan, many fans were taken aback when it was revealed that new episodes of the sixth installment of the franchise would be arriving this fall, highlighting some of the flaws associated with Netflix’s handling of the series.

When will JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3 be available on Netflix?

Part 3 of Stone Ocean, or episodes 25-38, has yet to be released by Netflix. However, we can predict when the next set of episodes will be released by using the release schedule of the previous parts.

The previous two seasons were released as follows:

  • Part One (Episodes 1-13) will premiere on December 1st, 2021.
  • Part Two (Episodes 13-24) will premiere on September 1st, 2022.

With exactly nine months separating the release of parts one and two, we can expect the remaining episodes to be released in June 2023 if part three follows suit.

There is a chance that episodes will be released before June. We are now waiting for Netflix to announce an official release date.

Stone Ocean Part 3 episodes will eventually air in Japan on channels such as Tokyo MX, BS11, MBS, and Animax.

Minor spoilers for parts one and two of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean

Part 2 spoilers are not in my plans, primarily because we all waited 9 months to see it. It makes no difference whether the anticipation died for you or not. Without giving too much away, Stone Ocean represents a watershed moment in the series. Part 3 will surprise you if you don’t already know what happens. However, a lot happened for Team Jolyne and the opposing side during the events of Part 2.

Stone Ocean is by far one of the series’ oddest episodes. The enemy Stand users are weirder than ever, Anasui (dub voice by Howard Wang) has definitely lived up to being a simp, and Pucci has been turned up a notch or two. Jolyne continues to be a bad b*tch, and the recurring theme of resolution for the JoJo clan continues. Despite the enormous risks of following Jolyne, her allies have not wavered. They continue to put their lives in danger for the cause.

Part 2 of this adored arc isn’t perfect, but that can be said of almost anything. There are a few plot holes, such as Ermes’ backstory. I knew a little about her life before prison before watching, and it felt very typical. After all, a quest to avenge the death of a loved one isn’t exactly novel (though the manga came out in 1999-2003, so we must take that into account). Pucci’s goal and his history with Dio have captivated me.

In terms of iconic manga panels, this batch of episodes delivers. Dio (Patrick Seitz) has always had a strong hold on Pucci, and there is a deep love/reverence there. Shipping them is a touchy subject (for a variety of reasons), but there’s an intensity there that lends credence to Pucci’s determination. He is willing to kill and manipulate in order to achieve his objectives. His being a religious man makes it even less surprising, and his goals will have the most disastrous outcome of any villain (that has been brought to life in the anime).

Unfortunately, there have been casualties in the ongoing (direct and indirect) battle between Jolyne + co. and Pucci. You’ll have to wait until part 2 to find out who, because I’m not going to ruin it for you. Overall, Stone Ocean Part 2 contains nearly everything you’d expect from JoJo’s.

Whoever made the decision not to have a new opening theme deserves a stern talking to. Trying out new opening themes is a big part of the experience. That’s why it’s still disappointing that we were forced to listen to “STONE OCEAN” by Ichigo. It’s a great start, but I and many others wanted something different. I’m okay with Duffy’s “Distant Dreamer” because not only is the song good, but it makes the upcoming events even more heartbreaking.

On Netflix, you can watch Stone Ocean Part 1 or Part 2.

What Happened in the First Part of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean?

This chapter is set in the United States and follows Jolyne Cujoh, a woman sentenced to 15 years in prison after being falsely accused of murder. Jolyne must figure out who her enemies and allies are while serving her time in the Green Dolphin Street Prison, as well as who framed her. Oh, and her father’s pendant, which awakens mysterious powers within her, because that’s how the Joestars roll.

The first installment of Stone Ocean concluded with Jolyne meeting the evil Father Enrico Pucci for the first time. Jolyne reclaimed the DISC of her father, Jotaro Kujo, after nearly dying. Let’s hope that move results in Jotaro waking up from his coma.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean Trailer

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