Who Is Natasha Webb From ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ Season 7?

Who Is Natasha Webb
Who Is Natasha Webb

On July 11, Below Deck Mediterranean will make its comeback with its seventh season, which will be broadcast on Bravo. This time around, Captain Sandy Yawn will be meeting up with the rest of the crew aboard a brand new motor boat called Home when they arrive in Malta.

Only two members of the crew from the previous season will be coming back for the next one: the captain, Sandy Yawn, and Mzi “Zee” Dempers. Natasha Webbs has been cast in the role of Chief Stew on the show. The London native, who is now 25 years old, is a barista, make-up, and nail artist with extensive training, and a decade of experience working in the boat business.

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Who Is Natasha Webb From ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ Season 7?

Natasha spent her childhood in the rural environment of West Yorkshire, England. She started out as a child on the Majorettes team, which is known for its combination of dance and baton twirling, and she remained a member for the full nine years. The information found on Titania’s website indicates that the baton is still attached to her board.

She earned a Diploma in Travel and Tourism from Craven College in Skipton, which is located in the United Kingdom. Before beginning her career in the yachting sector, the star of Below Deck Mediterranean had many jobs, including as a golf caddy, bartender, nanny, schoolteacher, and actor.

At the moment, she is the sole proprietor of a boat recruitment firm known as Indie-Pearl. In 2021, Natasha established her own business with the intention of providing yachts with the most qualified crew members at any given time. There are several different job positions, ranging from engineer to chief stew.

Following her graduation from college, Natasha spent some time traveling in the United States and Europe before settling down in Spain for a period of six years. Natasha’s long-term goal is to establish a permanent residence on the island of Mallorca in Spain, where she also intends to launch her own specialty coffee shop and barista academy.

Natasha has over 10 years of experience working aboard yachts, some of which are MY Devotion (28 meters), MY Unicorn (54 meters), Saint Nicolas (70 meters), and Titania. According to the information that can be found on Titania’s official website, some of her hobbies include playing golf, dancing, working out, receiving beauty treatments, baking, and mixology. She is completely proficient in both English and Spanish languages.

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Natasha Webb Career

She got her start in the industry by working on smaller yachts and eventually rose to the position of Chief Stew on a vessel that was over 100 meters long. In her prior roles, she was responsible for the planning and coordination of a large number of parties with themes and talent shows. She is, as far as Bravo is concerned,

According to Natasha’s Linkedin profile, she has completed a variety of professional training courses, including those pertaining to bartending, valet services, boat training, food safety, and barista work. She received her training in Swedish, Hot Stone, and Indian head massages at Next Step Beauty Academy, where she is also proficient in performing these types of massages.

At Kent Beauty School, Natasha was trained in a wide variety of makeover techniques, including skin care, waxing, make-up application, threading, and bridal hair styling. It was the American Red Cross that awarded her the qualification of a lifeguard.

You can hear Natasha say in the promo for the upcoming episode of Below Deck Mediterranean,

It is possible that during this season, her purpose aboard the yacht, which is to make sure that the charter guests get everything they require, will not be achieved because of her new connection with Chef Dave. Sandy expresses doubts about the nature of their connection in the trailer,

In the episode “Below Deck Mediterranean,” airing on Bravo on July 11 at 8 p.m. Eastern Time, you can find out how Natasha and her new lover navigate the professional and personal boundaries of their relationship.

Natasha Webb’s Hometown

According to her bio on BravoTV, the newest cast member of Below Deck Med Season 7, Natasha, was born in a little town in West Yorkshire, England, which is located in the countryside. Natasha’s time spent in England allowed her to cultivate a strong work ethic by giving her opportunities to get experience in the hospitality sector in a variety of roles. Natasha was able to acquire a talent for creating themed parties, and coordinating talent showcases and events, thanks to her achievements in hospitality succession England and her profession as a chief cook.

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