‘Mr. Harrigan’s Phone’ Movie Release Date Has Been Set For October 2022

mr harrigan's phone release date
mr harrigan's phone release date

Based on the Stephen King novella of the same name from the collection If It Bleeds, John Lee Hancock’s upcoming American horror film Mr. Harrigan’s Phone was written and directed. Its main actors include Kirby Howell-Baptiste, Jaeden Martell, and Donald Sutherland.

Mr. Harrigan’s Phone Release Date

The release date for Mr. Harrigan’s phone is October 5, 2022. It is anticipated that the film will run for an hour and 45 minutes on average. Whether or not the movie will also be released in theatres is not yet confirmed.

The majority of the filming was done in English, but it will also be made available online in other dubbed languages.

Mr. Harrigan’s Phone Plot

In Mr. Harrigan’s Phone, a young boy named Craig (Martell) makes friends with the reclusive billionaire living in their neighborhood, Mr. Harrigan (Donald Sutherland), after doing odd jobs for him on his estate. The two become close, with Craig frequently seeking the elder man’s opinion.

Later, after Harrigan gives him a lottery scratch card and he wins a nice sum of money, Craig gives him an iPhone as a gift. We can probably assume that the adaptation is set in the early to mid-2000s because in the trailer, we see that they are using much older models, and Harrigan receives what appears to be the first iPhone as a gift.

Anyway, Harrigan hesitates to use the phone at first but eventually gives in. Later, when Craig goes to see him, he discovers that the elderly man has passed away. He decides to take back the old iPhone he had given Harrigan before returning it at the funeral by putting it in his coffin. That was definitely a choice, I mean, he could have simply left it on his doorstep or something.

As seen in the trailer, when Craig first starts high school, he experiences loneliness and bullying. To cope, he listens to Harrigan’s voicemail (understandable), but after a while, out of pure rage and frustration, he vents that he wants to see his bully pay (slightly understandable but already creepy), only to learn the following day that, you guessed it, the bully is dead.

Mr. Harrigan’s Phone Cast

Craig’s part was assigned to Jaeden Martell. In the It remake, the actor played Bill Denbrough in a previous role. Martell is therefore accustomed to the demands of a King adaptation. The younger Craig will be played by Colin O’Brien.

The role of the reclusive Mr. Harrigan was played by seasoned actor Donald Sutherland. Sutherland recently gained notoriety for his portrayal of President Snow in the Hunger Games series. Craig’s father, played by Joe Tippett, joined the cast, and Ms. Hart, a teacher at Craig’s high school, is portrayed by Kirby Howell-Baptiste. Cyrus Arnold plays Kenny Yankovich, Craig’s tormentor.

The film’s creative team is also incredibly impressive. The adaptation was written and directed by John Lee Hancock, whose previous works include The Blind Side and Saving Mr. Banks. Carla Hacken and Ryan Murphy serve as producers, and Marci Wiseman and Jeremy Gold of Blumhouse Television serve as executive producers.

The Social Media Uproar Over Mr. Harrigan’s Phone

Fans are ecstatic for this upcoming horror story, which will be ideal for the Halloween season. Stephen King’s adaptation of one of the greatest authors of all time has raised the bar for the film.

Stephen King announced the release of the film’s trailer on his official Twitter account, writing, “The trailer for MR. HARRIGAN’S PHONE, based on my short novel, premieres tomorrow on Netflix.” Check it out.”

The trailer has also created quite a stir on the internet. It appears to be promising and appealing to viewers.

Where To Watch Mr. Harrigan’s Phone

The forthcoming horror film Mr. Harrigan’s phone will be accessible via Netflix’s online streaming platform and once it is officially released on its distributing platform, it will be available to stream on various online streaming websites such as movies, Dailymotion, and many more.

Mr. Harrigan’s Phone Trailer

On September 15, 2022, Mr. Harrigan’s phone trailer was released. The two-minute and thirty-one-second trailer begins with a stunning view of greenery and a flowing stream of water.

It depicts a young boy named Craig conversing with and spending time with an elderly man named Mr. Harrigan. Craig was seen gifting an iPhone to his elderly friend, Mr. Harrigan. Later, he asked if anyone had ever tried to take advantage of him and how he handled it, to which Mr. Harrigan replied, “Hardly.”

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