Who Are Joshua Roy Parents? Meet Sandra And Pauline Roy!

joshua roy parents

Who are Joshua Roy’s mom and dad? Joshua, a Canadian pro ice hockey player, was picked by the Montreal Canadiens in the fifth round of the 2021 National Hockey League Entry Draft. Some people are interested in knowing who Joshua Roy’s parents are. This article will help you find out about Joshua’s parents. Let’s find out.

Who Are Joshua Roy Parents?

Joshua was born to his parents in Saint-Georges-de-Beauce, Canada, on August 6, 2003. His father is Paulin, and his mother is Sandra. He says that they helped him feel safe and supported.

The young athlete has kept his personal life and family life separate from his professional career, but he still remembers what they have done for him and how much they have sacrificed.

During an interview with the NHL in March, he thanked his parents and brothers Charles-Etienne and Jacob for helping him get to the next level. The rising star also said that when he was younger, he didn’t work hard.

He said that he wasn’t doing his best, but the help he got from everyone changed him. He also said that he wouldn’t change anything that happened in the past because it taught him something and made him a better person.

One of the biggest jumps that the 19-year-old athlete made got him more attention. He was chosen in the fifth round of the NHL Draft in 2021. But once he started playing, he caught up quickly and became a player who could do both offence and defence.

Is Joshua Related To Patrick Roy?

When people heard the name Joshua Roy in the news, they thought he was related to Patrick Jacques Roy, who is also from Canada and used to play professional ice hockey. Some people thought, however, that the young athlete was the player’s son, which is not the case.

Even though both athletes have the same last name and play the same sport, it doesn’t look like they are blood related. So, neither one of them has talked about the other yet.

Patrick has three kids already. Jonathan is already 33 years old and makes music for a living. His other son is Frederick, who chose to follow in his father’s footsteps and is now 31 and a professional ice hockey player. He has one daughter named Jana, but we don’t know much about her yet. He also has two sons.


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