Everything You Need to Know About Home Depot Halloween 2023 Release Date

Home Depot Halloween 2023 Release Date
Home Depot Halloween 2023 Release Date

The Halloween spirit is always celebrated in a big way at The Home Depot. To tell you the truth, Home Depot just keeps getting better and better, and this year is not an exception. I was able to get a sneak peek at what’s in store for the future thanks to the fact that I was invited to take part in an exclusive Home Depot presentation.

In case you were unaware, Home Depot is releasing its Halloween Collection this week – yes, in the middle of July. So, if you are curious about when Home Depot will debut their Halloween collection and what exactly will be released, stay tuned because we have all the delicious (and frightening) facts to share with you in the coming weeks!

When Will Home Depot’s 2023 Halloween Collection Be Available?

On Thursday, July 13, 2023, the 2023 Home Depot Halloween Collection will be made available online for purchase. Because there is no set time, some people recommend staying up through the night or checking back every hour on the hour to determine when the collection will become available. You can see the tweet below:

At the very end of August or the beginning of September, the Home Depot Halloween Collection will be made available at all Home Depot stores.


What Includes The Home Depot Halloween Collection 2023?

For the 2023 Home Depot Halloween Collection, there will be a few main collections including:

  • The Grave & Bones Collection
  • The Dead Water Collection
  • Halloween Classics
  • Disney Characters
  • Ghoulish Giants
  • Spooky Jack-o’-Lanterns
  • Eerie Inflatables
  • Haunted Hallows
  • Cursed Glow

You can visit the websites that have further articles like the one you’re currently reading by following the links provided below:

The Grave & Bones Exhibition

The Home Depot Grave and Bones Collection is exactly what it sounds like: Halloween grave and bone items such as skeletons and gravestones.

The Home Improvement Store

The 12 foot skeleton (returning this year), 13 foot animated Jack Skellington, returning 8 foot animated Reaper, and new 8 foot animated Boogyman are all part of this collection. There is also a new skull stack (similar to the pumpkin stack from last year), a new bone archway, an animated gravedigger, and an animated witch.

Dean the deathologist is returning to the Home Depot with a new maid companion. This year, they redesigned the gigantic skulls and are bringing us two new gargoyle statues. They also have a lot of new headstones this year. These are usually the strong duty ones that will not be harmed by a rainfall.

There is also a new 3 foot animated witch and numerous different sized skeletons, including a 3 foot animated skeleton that resembles a miniature version of the 12 foot skeleton. They also offer a new line of skeletal animals.

The Collection of Dead Water

The Dead Water Collection is new to Home Depot this year and contains a variety of swampy, scary figures who appear to reside in the dead waters of a bayou. This collection includes new characters, such as an animated predator of the night. He stands 9 feet tall and has a 12.5 foot wing span. He is enormous.

There’s also a new swamp witch, cauldron, and animated marsh monster, as well as the return of last year’s viral pumpkin stack. There’s also a terrifying animated haunted doll, a new scarecrow, an animated sitter of souls, an animated possessed penny, and an animated fisherman. This collection also includes a number of skeletons, which may be seen below.

Home Depot’s Halloween Traditions

THC 3000, a highly awesome animated cyborg, is new this year! It boasts realistic eye and mouth movements and is expected to be in short supply this year. A new 12 foot animated ghost, pumpkin twins, and frightening Steve (animated little clown) are also on the way.

Disney Characters

We mentioned the 12 Jack Skellingtons briefly, and we have numerous additional Disney goods (mainly inflatables) on the way. We’re receiving a life-size animated Yoda, which is exciting!

Ghoulish Giants

In terms of giants, I’ve previously highlighted the 12 foot skelly, Jack, the Swamp Monster, but we’ll also see the pumpkin skeleton and the 12 foot hovering witch return.

Spooky at Home Depot Jack-O’-Lanterns

Many of these are the same as last year, but we have a few new designs…

That grey animated pumpkin appeals to me. This is ideal for a frightening pumpkin patch.

More pumpkins from Home Depot…

Eerie Inflatables

You already saw the Disney inflatables, but we’re getting a few more, like these spiders, pumpkin reaper, and ghost. There are also a few lovely inflatables. Take a look at Chucky! A few more adorable ones…

The Haunted Hallows

This year, we’re bringing back the famous coffin, as well as the weeping willow tree and several new plastic characters. Other interesting Halloween decorations are available, and if you need a storage bag, Home Depot has you covered this year as well…

Glow of Doom

This year, there are a few additional lighting options, including an attachment to illuminate your 12-foot skelly! The Home Depot has new flood lights as well as ordinary lights for an additional creepy glow. That’s all for now.

Now, Home Depot has confirmed that some items that were not showcased will be available online and in-store. That is, there will be more surprises.

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