All Of Us Are Dead: DEAD Character Returning In Season 2?

All Of Us Are Dead: DEAD Character Returning In Season 2?

In the Netflix zombie series “All of Us Are Dead”, teacher Ms Park is particularly committed to her students. You can find out what fate befalls her in season 1 below.

The South Korean drama series All of Us Are Dead quickly became a hit for streaming service Netflix and topped the Netflix Top 10. In the series, a virus breaks out at a school that turns people into zombies.

While many teachers think only of their own survival in Season 1, Ms Park wants to save her students. In the first few episodes, we see her leaving the staff room to help the students and then being attacked by a student who has turned into a zombie.

Since she is not seen for a long time afterwards, viewers assume that she probably perished, but it is soon revealed that she was hiding in the second-floor broadcast room.


Ms. Park uses the broadcast room to connect to the surviving students over the speakerphone. She motivates them to survive and gives them hope that they will meet again once the outbreak is under control. She soon joins a group of students when they learn that she is still alive.

When the group is attacked by a zombie, Gyeong Su is injured. Na Yeon claims he is infected and even intentionally rubs zombie blood on his wound so that he actually becomes infected. He transforms and attacks his friends. You fend him off and he falls out the window, according to US magazine We Got This Covered.

As a result, everyone blames Na Yeon for Gyeong Su’s death and calls her a murderer. This leaves the safe hiding place. While everyone is disgusted and doesn’t want to bring her back, Ms Park decides to follow her to protect her.


She catches up with Na Yeon and the two are chased by the undead Gyeong Su, who has re-entered the school building. Ms Park is bitten but still manages to get Na Yeon to safety. Instead of blaming Na Yeon for her fate, Ms Park bravely accepts it.

She explains to her student that she understands that she did this because, like everyone else, she was scared. She even advises Na Yeon to meet up with the others again later and this time help them. It is believed that Ms Park died in the subsequent bombing.

Therefore, it seems unlikely that Ms Park will return in a possible second season. You can find out what is known about Season 2 so far with us.

All of Us Are Dead Season 2: When Will It Release?

Streaming service Netflix has not officially ordered a second season. That’s not uncommon for Netflix, though. The service always waits a while before renewing a series. He wants to make sure that the call numbers are correct. Should the series be renewed, you can probably expect Season 2 in 2023.

All of Us Are Dead Season 2: What Is The Plot?

All of Us Are Dead is based on the South Korean digital comic of the same name, with Season 1 fully adapting the source material. Although most survivors’ stories have come to an end, it is entirely possible that the epidemic will break out again. A single zombie would be enough to destroy everything again.


And then there’s Nam-Ra. Despite being infected, she has managed to retain her humanity. The problem is that the hunger for human flesh is still there.

All of Us Are Dead Season 2: Is There A Trailer?

Netflix hasn’t released a trailer yet. The streaming service usually only releases a trailer shortly before the new episodes start. If there is one, you can find it here.

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