Chris Pine Girlfriend: Who Is Chris Pine Dating? A Look At The Star’s Dating History

chris pine dating
chris pine dating

Chris Pine is one of the best Chrises in Hollywood, along with Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, and Chris Pratt, so it’s not surprising that he’s dated several actresses and models over the course of his career.

Even though it seems like the A-list actor likes to keep his personal life quiet and out of the tabloids, one of Chris’s ex-girlfriends told the truth about what it was like to go out to dinner and kiss the star.

Also, who does Chris date? Who has he dated in the past? Let’s look at the actor from Star Trek’s romantic life.

Chris Pine’s Girlfriend, Annabelle Wallis

It’s not unusual for a hot guy to date a hot woman. Annabelle Wallis has been dating Chris Pine since early 2008. She is best known for her part as Grace Burgess in the BBC show “Peaky Blinders.”

They are still with each other. So, girls here’s some big news: Chris Pine is no longer available.

Chris Pine’s Girlfriend Annabelle Wallis
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Pine and Wallis were first seen together in March 2018 when they were leaving London’s Heathrow airport. After that, they had a fancy dinner party. Since Pine took her on a family trip to Italy in August 2018 (still in the same year! ), the relationship seemed to be getting more serious.

It’s pretty surprising when you think about how Chris Pine is known for being in a lot of short-term and not-so-serious relationships.

What makes this time different?

Well, it’s because Chris Pine brought his girlfriend to meet his family for the first time in his life and stayed with her for more than two years. But many people are also interested in the story of how they first met. When Pine met Wallis, she was in a relationship, so she wasn’t accessible. But she had already caught Pine’s eye at that point.

But the information didn’t come from Pine or Willis. Instead, it came from one of the trusted sources. Though, it’s not clear where and when they met for the first time.

“At first, they kept it easy-going. Chris was nice to her and tried to get her to like him instead of the other guy. The person told Us magazine that. Even though that is true, the person also said Wallis is “perfect for Chris.” He won her heart in the end.

There are no bad things said or written about them. Even though they don’t talk much about their love for each other, everyone knows that they are crazy about each other. We hope they’ll stay for a long time!

Are they dating? They were seen holding hands at Coachella with Sofia Boutella.

Chris Pine stars with Sofia Boutella in “Star Trek Beyond.” Since then, they’ve been dating. In April 2017, Pine and Boutella went to Coachella together. There were many pictures of them holding hands and making out online.

Chris Pine’s Girlfriend Sofia Boutella
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Several people also said that they must be dating in the real world.

Pine and Boutella didn’t seem to be more than just good friends, which was a shame. They stayed good friends, and Boutella started dating someone else soon after the Pine rumors started to spread, but it didn’t last long.

Too bad, because they would make a great pair.

Giving Vail Bloom a kiss on the lips

Chris Pine and Vail Bloom were rumored to be dating after a picture was taken of them kissing while they were having lunch together in 2015. On the same day, they also went shopping together and looked at the clothes they were wearing in the shots while they did so.

Chris Pine Lips with Vail Bloom
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Pine was wearing a white T-shirt, jeans, and black shoes. On the other hand, Bloom was pretty and relaxed in a white jumpsuit and sandals. Both of them looked great together. They also didn’t seem to be shy about showing PDAs.

We can find their casual Sunday lunch picture on the internet and a picture of them hanging out together at another time. One time, Pine wore a denim jacket and Bloom wore black clothes that were too big for her. Both of them are hot!

Vail Bloom is a producer and an actor from the United States. And based on the girls Pine likes, it’s pretty clear that he likes his fellow star and a beautiful model. There isn’t much we can learn from them, though. They started dating in 2015, but I don’t know when or why they broke up.

Dating A Miss Reykjavík Winner: Iris Bjork Jóhannesdóttir

Iris Bjork Jóhannesdóttir is another beautiful girl who went out with Chris Pine. This Icelandic handball player was on the national team for 71 games and won three Icelandic championships.

This is shocking because she is the only person Pine dated who wasn’t an actress or model. But don’t feel too bad yet, because Iris won the Miss Reykjavik beauty contest in 2010. (She’s still pretty hot, though.)

Chris Pine Reykjavík Winner
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Pine and Iris had a nine-month relationship. It began in November 2013 and came to an end in August 2014. When they were dating, they went to a lot of places together.

In January 2013, they were seen walking together at LAX airport. When the paparazzi took shots of them, the couple looked happy and at ease with each other.

Even though they look pretty good together, they don’t stay together for long. After nine months, the couple broke up, but it was unclear why. Chris Pine doesn’t say much about why he broke up with his girlfriend in public.

Well, maybe he wants to give his partner space, or perhaps he doesn’t feel good. We can never tell.

Chris Pine wants to be with Amanda Frances a lot.

Chris Pine is indeed a keeper. Amanda Frances, a brown-haired swimsuit model, was another hot girl who fell for Pine’s charm. A source said that Pine was “very interested in her,” When they were first seen together in West Hollywood in 2013, they were having a good time.

Chris Pine Amanda Frances
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Even so, when Pine was asked about his love life, he confidently said he was single. On “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” he said this. He also talked about what he wanted in a girl. She needs to be wise, pretty, and have a good sense of fun.

Pine neither said he was dating Amanda Frances nor he wasn’t. Some sources also said that the two weren’t even in a real relationship; it was just a crush. They were interested in each other, but it didn’t last long.

Friends with Benefits with Zoë Kravitz?

Who doesn’t know that Zoe Kravitz is a badass? Kravitz, like Chris Pine, has dated a lot of famous people. Think about how hot they must have looked when they were together.

Even though we might have guessed it, they didn’t say anything for sure, but they had been “hanging out” for over a year. Both seemed pretty close, from London’s Fashion Week to Coldplay’s show in Los Angeles.

It was said that they went out from September 2014 to February 2015. Still, some sources said that they were just hooking up and that none of them planned to take their relationship to a more severe level. So, maybe they were just friends who helped each other out.

Chris Pine Zoë Kravitz

Since Pine had just broken up with Piek and Kravitz had said she didn’t want to be in a serious relationship, dating casually was the best choice. Then we should keep looking at how cute this couple is when they’re together.

Dominique Piek and I have been together for two years.

She was born in South Africa and worked as a model. She started dating Chris Pine at the beginning of 2011 and they broke up in 2013. It was another long-lasting romance for Pine since we know he rarely stays with someone for more than a year.

Pine was in the process of making “Star Trek Into Darkness” at the time he started dating Piek, and his fame was at its highest. Also, that was the main reason why they broke up. This time, Chris Pine (finally) told the truth about why he broke up with his girlfriend.

Chris Pine Dominique Piek
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“It’s hard to keep something going in our business. Right now, it would be hard for me.” In his “OUT” chat, Pine talked about why he and Piek broke up. Despite that, he said he was glad to be in a relationship. Still, he was too busy to keep it up. So, we can’t say we’re mad at him, can we?

Another long list of short-term relationships for Chris Pine

Chris Pine has had more than one girlfriend. Pine was also connected to Jasmine Waltz, Nathalie Walker, Olivia Munn, Audrina Patridge, and Beau Garrett. All of them were short-lived, lasting less than a year. He dated Jasmine and Nathalie for only two months, Olivia for five months, and Audrina for less than a month.

But we can all say that Chris Pine is a hottie, no matter how many women he has dated.


What makes Chris Pine well-known?

In Star Trek (2009), Star Trek Into Darkness (2013), and Star Trek Beyond (2016), he played a young version of Captain James Kirk. Pine played Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman in 2017, and he will do the same thing in Wonder Woman 1984 in 2020.

In Princess Diaries 2, how old was Chris Pine?

So, here’s to our favorite superhero/action star, who has come a long way since he starred with Anne Hathaway in Princess Diaries 2: A Royal Engagement as her royal love interest. When the movie came out in August 2004, Pine was only 24 years old and just starting out as an actor.Who is in a relationship with Chris Pine?

Who does Christopher Pine have a family with?

Life at home. Christopher Pyne and his wife Carolyn have four kids: Barnaby, Felix, Aurelia, and Eleanor. He lives in Adelaide at the moment.



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