Chris Evans: Is He Dating Alba Baptista?

Chris Evans: Is He Dating Alba Baptista?

Chris Evans fans are investigating his love affair and recently uncovered evidence leading to the theory that the actor is dating Alba Baptista.

For the uninitiated, Alba Baptista stars in the Netflix series Warrior Nun, which has become a smash hit since its release in July 2020. A second season was filmed last year and is now coming to the platform.

Observers would have noticed that Chris Evans started following Alba Baptista on Instagram in the fall of 2020 and she didn’t follow him until June 2021. The actress also follows Chris’s brother, Scott Evans, as well as her own. companion and his dog’s account.

Does Chris Have A Girlfriend?

No, even though it sounds crazy. As far as we know, Chris Evans is not going to be with anyone in 2022. Why? He may be afraid of making a commitment, it seems. In 2019, he told TheHollywoodReporter, “I’m the one who fears being wrapped up.” “I’ve always been a guy who did things on my own. One of my favourite things to do is camp by myself. I really like being with people who have their own things to do, you know? If someone just takes over my life, it can feel like I’m being suffocated.

What About Chris Evans And Selena Gomez?

Let’s find out why everyone thinks that Selena Gomez and Chris Evans are together.

The first clue at our disposal is the fact that on September 24th Chris Evans started following Selena Gomez on Instagram. Nothing strange, if it were not that then they began to leak some photos that portray them not together, but as they leave the same place after a short time.

At our disposal, there are some shots stolen outside a restaurant, from which it seems that both have come out, in a staggered way. Then they went around the web of photos depicting Selena Gomez and Chris Evans leaving the same studio in Los Angeles. In this case, however, some fans have moved away from the idea of ​​a relationship between the two. In fact, the hypothesis has taken hold that the actors are instead working together on a film.

If the two were together, it would be a circle that closes for Selena Gomez, who in 2015 at Watch What Happens Live  had declared:

“I think I have a crush on Chris Evans. Isn’t that cute? He is just beautiful. Maybe it’s destiny”.

Waiting to find out if Selena Gomez and Chris Evans are together, we remind you that Only Murders in the Building, the series with the actress, is looking forward to a second season on Disney +.

Chris Evans dating Lizzo?

As long as he doesn’t have a girlfriend we can ship, we can always flirt with him online. Evans and singer/songwriter Lizzo, who has been talking about her crush on the actor for years on social media, are the ones who win the “very online” dating game. Back in 2019, he liked a video of her dancing as a child that she had posted on Twitter.”

She made a joke on TikTok in July 2021 about being pregnant with his child. He replied, “Hi! Just found out about our little joy… My mom will be overjoyed, lol.”

In September 2021, she suggested on TikTok that they star in a remake of “The Bodyguard.” In December, she sang at a concert, “Maybe I should call Chris Evans” and “Maybe Captain America could put another bun in my oven.” Do they really go out together or have a child? No. But it’s fun to make up stories.

Who Else Chris Evans Dated In The Past?

It seems like Evans has been linked to almost every woman in Hollywood. Many of these rumours have been going on since the 2000s and early 2010s, and they are based on unnamed “sources” in gossip magazines and on websites.

Evans was linked to Emmy Rossum in 2007, but Rossum’s rep said they were “just friends.”

He may have dated Kristin Cavallari in 2008, but she told Us Weekly that they were also “just friends.”

Evans was said to have hooked up with Twilight actress Ashley Greene in 2011. He was also said to have been seen with Glee actress Dianna Agron.

In 2015, he was seen with Lily Collins, who plays Emily in Paris, on what was thought to be a date.

Evans has been on so many dates, it’s hard to believe he hasn’t found the right woman, but maybe he’s just a loner. Evans told PEOPLE in 2015, “I’m a pretty romantic guy.” “I don’t always think of romance in terms of people, though. I feel like I’m in love with art, music, and the natural world. I once went camping by myself for three weeks, which is a very romantic thing to do. That’s right. It was very romantic, but not necessarily in the usual way.” Fair point, but let’s still hope Evans finds a new girlfriend in 2022 so we can ship her!

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