Who Is Avery Cyrus? Meet Avery Cyrus New Girlfriend: All About Avery Cyrus

Who is Avery Cyrus
Who is Avery Cyrus

Avery Cyrus is a well-known social media personality who has amassed a massive fan base on TikTok thanks to her clips and lip-syncs from everyday life, which is frequently depicted in sketch form. Aside from that, she has a large number of followers on YouTube and Instagram. Because she creates so much content primarily for her LGBTQ audience, she is one of the most well-known LGBTQ content creators on social media.

Avery’s content is also not focused on many of the app’s dances or challenges. Instead, much of her content focuses on her relationships — she’s recently been romantically linked to JoJo Siwa — as well as fun arts and crafts projects, lip-sync videos, and other creative original content.

She is the TikTok creator

Cyrus has nearly 8 million TikTok followers and has established herself as a well-known creator in the LGBTQ+ community since launching her account in July 2019.

“My pride is how I’ve learned to be super comfortable in my own skin because growing up, I was weird, gay, and super tomboyish,” she told LATV Queer.

She uses her platform to discuss her sexuality, relationships, and emotions. She also makes a point of highlighting other community creators for TikTok users to follow.

She also posts entertaining lip sync videos, challenges, and dance videos with her friends. In fact, her video “Baby Skateboard” was the first to go viral in July 2021.

She has a YouTube channel

Cyrus is also a YouTube creator, with her first video uploaded in February 2017. Much of her content on the platform is similar to the videos she makes on TikTok, with a focus on the LGBTQ+ community.

She also participates in a variety of challenges, DIYs, and Q&As. Many of her previous posts are vlogs from her trips to Hawaii, New York, and Mexico.

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Get to Know JoJo Siwa’s New Girlfriend, Avery Cyrus

JoJo Siwa and Avery Cyrus have made their relationship public.

Cyrus and Siwa made their relationship official on September 13 with a TikTok video of the two kissing in a Chuck E. Cheese photo booth. The couple made their red carpet debut two days later.

The couple sparked romance rumors after filming a TikTok video with each other on August 5. Former couple Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian were seen mouthing the words to a voiceover.

“We’re friends,” Siwa lip-synced. “Purely platonic,” Cyrus said, making Siwa laugh.

In the weeks that followed, Cyrus and Siwa continued to appear in each other’s social media posts, while also leaving flirty messages in each other’s comment sections.

The new relationship follows Siwa’s split from Kylie Prew, who announced their split during an Instagram Live in August.

Cyrus was previously linked to fellow TikToker Soph Mosca, with whom she split after two years of dating this summer.

Is Miley Cyrus related to Avery Cyrus?

Despite what Avery’s social media accounts may suggest, there is no family connection between Avery and Miley Cyrus. In reality, Avery’s surname is Blanchard, not Cyrus.

“Cyrus” is a fairly common last name, particularly in the entertainment industry, so while some may believe Avery got her start because she was related to the Cyrus family, her fan base was built entirely on her own.

Having said that, Miley has other family members who work in the entertainment industry. Her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, is well-known for his hit song “Achy Breaky Heart,” as well as his appearance on Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road.”

Noah Cyrus, Miley’s younger sister, has spent the last few years establishing herself as a musician. Her music openly discusses her mental health struggles, and she released her first single “Make Me (Cry)” in 2015. Her most recent release was the four-song EP Every Beginning Ends in 2022.

Miley has one older half-sister named Brandi, as well as three brothers — Braison, and her half-brother’s Trace and Christopher.

Despite the fact that the Cyrus family is full of famous singers and musicians, Avery is not one of them.


Avery Cyrus rose to prominence after joining the short video-sharing platform TikTok in 2019. Her Instagram account, @averycyrus, has had 7 million followers since its inception. Her posts include lip sync videos, sketches of her day-to-day life, and fun arts and crafts projects. One of her most popular posts, posted in June 2020, is a video set to the song Freak by singer and rapper Doja Cat. She was joined in the video by TikTokers AG McDaniel and Soph Mosca.


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