Who is Mira 004? Real Name, Birthday, Country, and Boyfriend!

Who is Mira 004
Who is Mira 004

Mira 004 is a well-known social media content developer and influencer. She makes reaction videos on TikTok, where her mirrormirror.004 account has over 5 million followers. Mira has two additional TikTok accounts: mira.004 for nail art and not mirror for comedy videos.

Mira’s mira.004 Instagram account has 856K followers and she posts fashion, fitness, and lifestyle photos. She also has a YouTube channel called Mira 004, where she broadcasts videos about her daily life, fashion reviews, and Minecraft gameplay. Her YouTube account has over 224K subscribers.

Mira was born on January 4, 2002, in England, and her full name is Mira Szalma. Her horoscope sign is Capricorn, and she is from a Hungarian family. She is currently studying law at a well-known university in the United Kingdom. Her ambition is to become a lawyer while also pursuing her interest in internet content creation.

Mira 004 Career and Social Media

Mira 004 is a renowned Hungarian Social Media Star who is known for uploading fitness and leisure images on her social media profiles. In addition, she routinely shares reaction videos on her official TikTok account @mira.004 to attract admirers.

She shared her first skincare routine in January 2020. Similarly, in January 2021, she posted a TikTok video to the song “Cry Baby” by a prominent rapper named Megan Thee Stallion, which received a lot of views. Aside from her professional career, Szalma has been involved in a variety of extracurricular activities and has served as an inspiration to many aspiring social media stars.

She also started her Twitter account @itsmira004 in January 2021 and currently has 44.7k followers. She frequently posts travel images on her Instagram account @mira.004 because she enjoys visiting new locations.

In addition, she joined her @mira.004 Instagram account in March 2020, and in June 2023, she received a verified blue tick on her Instagram account. Similarly, on April 4, 2020, she launched her YouTube channel to showcase her videos.


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Her YouTube channel @Mira004 features unique and motivating videos that are both useful and enjoyable to watch. Her YouTube channel has 295k real and devoted subscribers and 106 million cumulative views.

Age, Early Life, and Background of Mira 004

The 4th of January 2002 saw the birth of Mira 004. Her name is Mira Szalma and she was born under the Water sign. She was born in Britain but comes from Hungary. After finishing high school, Mira went to a private school in her hometown. Now, she is going to a well-known university in the UK to study law. Besides that, she has a cute and friendly dog called Milo.

Mira 004 Real Name, Birthday, and Country

Mira 004 is Mira Szalma’s online moniker. She is a Hungarian social media influencer and content creator. She is well-known for her reaction videos, sense of fashion, and cosmetic advice.

Szalma was born in Budapest, Hungary, on January 4, 2002. She was raised in a small town near Budapest, where she developed an early interest in design and beauty. In 2019, she started posting videos on TikTok and immediately developed a following for her relatable and amusing material.

Who is Mira 004
Who is Mira 004

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Mira 004 Boyfriend Name

Based on the information that is given to the public, no one knows what Mira 004’s boyfriend’s name is. They aren’t shown together in any of her movies or social media posts, and she hasn’t talked about him at all. This makes me think that they might be hiding their connection or she is not in a relationship.

Conclusion: Mira 004, real name Mira Szalma, is a dynamic social media influencer and content creator known for her engaging reaction videos and broad material ranging from fashion to beauty to gaming. She mixes her rising online profile with her academic study in law, representing the spirit of adaptability and ambition, with millions of followers across platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. Mira is a prominent character in the digital realm as she continues to inspire and excite.

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