Who Is Katherine Ballard? Tim Ballard Wife Married Life And Age Gap

Who Is Katherine Ballard
Who Is Katherine Ballard

Tim Ballard is the person who initially conceptualized the idea of Operation Underground Railroad. The well-known advocate for human rights has advanced his career in important ways in recent years. Therefore, Tim Ballard’s followers are interested in learning more about his wife and his marital life.

Tim Ballard, most commonly referred to as Tim, is currently the Jump Team Commander for O.U.R.’s rescue operations. He has written books and is an activist for people’s rights. It is well known that the rescue operations that the founder and CEO of Operation Underground Railroad has carried out have been successful.

In addition to that, the individual was employed by the Department of Homeland Security as a Special Agent for more than a decade. In a similar manner, Ballard was an operator who worked undercover. In addition to his work to save people, particularly those who have been victims of human trafficking, Ballard is a doting father and husband. He is very attached to both his wife and his children.

Who Is Katherine Ballard?

Tim Ballard is well-known for his efforts in rescue operations. However, the author has rarely kept a low profile regarding his claimed love relationships. Ballard is married. He got married to Katherine Ballard.

On her Instagram posts, the lady is occasionally seen with her husband. According to her profile, Katherine appears to be enjoying her life and is having a wonderful time right now. Tim and Katherine are also proud parents of their children.


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The author wants to avoid disclosing personal information about himself or his relationships with the broader public. What’s more intriguing is that Tim doesn’t seem keen to reveal his romantic commitment.

Tim Ballard’s Married Life And Age Gap

The well-known campaigner Tim Ballard’s wife is a strong advocate for her husband’s work. Tim was a student at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, when he initially came into contact with Katherine.

He was pursuing his education in Spanish as well as Political Science. The two ran into each other and quickly formed a romantic attraction to one another. Between the years 1994 and 1999, the two attended classes there. The charming couple began dating, and not long after, they wed with the intention of beginning a family.

Katherine Ballard Age

1976 marks the year of Katherine Ballard’s birth. Therefore, even at the absolute most, she couldn’t have been more than in her middle to late 40s at the most.

Who Is Katherine Ballard
Who Is Katherine Ballard

What Is Katherine Ballard Maiden’s Name?

Before taking on the surname of her husband, Ballard, it is generally accepted that Katherine was known by her maiden name, Zinn.

Tamara and Richard Zinn raised their daughter Katherine, who goes by the name Katherine. Tamara’s birthday is December 1951, therefore she turned 71 in 2022. Richard, meanwhile, reached the age of 74 in July 2023.

Related FAQs

Where Is Katherine Ballard From?

As of July 2023, Katherine Ballard and her family were living somewhere in California. As for her hometown, Katherine was maybe born and brought up in Eagle Mountain, Utah.

When Is Katherine Ballard’s Birthday?

Katherine Ballard’s birthday is on May 2nd, making her a Taurus.

Is Katherine Ballard On Instagram And Facebook?

Katherine Ballard can be found both on Instagram and Facebook. However, her IG @katherineballard, with 264 posts and 80 followers, was kept private until 5 July 2023.

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