Who Is James Biden? Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Him

Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley said that the FBI has “significant and voluminous evidence” that James Biden and Hunter Biden, the president’s son, may have done something illegal. This has brought attention to James Biden, who is the younger brother of President Joe Biden.

Grassley has sent a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland, FBI Director Christopher Wray, and U.S. Attorney for Delaware David Weiss explaining the accusations.

“Recent protected disclosures to my office show that the FBI has significant, important, and a lot of evidence that Hunter Biden and James Biden may have done something illegal,” Grassley wrote in the letter.

He used a summary of an FBI interview with Hunter Biden’s former business partner, Tony Bobulinski, in which Bobulinski said that Hunter and James Biden made a business deal with foreigners with ties to the Chinese government while Joe Biden was vice president.

“While Joe Biden was vice president, this work was done without pay on purpose,” Grassley said.

After he left office, the summary “makes clear that Hunter Biden and James Biden worked with CEFC and affiliated individuals to pay them for that past work and the benefits,” Grassley wrote, referring to the now-defunct CEFC China Energy company.

Hunter Biden, James Biden, and their business partners “created a joint venture to get that money,” he said.

Grassley said that the name of the joint company was SinoHawk and that Oneida Holdings LLC (Oneida) and Hudson West IV each owned half of it. According to the summary, Oneida was made up of five equal-sized LLCs, one for each business partner. Hunter Biden and James Biden were both business partners.

On Twitter, Grassley questioned what the FBI and the Justice Department were doing to help.

What have the FBI, the Justice Department, and U.S. Attorney Weiss done to look into this? Grassley typed. “Openness leads to responsibility.”

Republicans have promised to look into Biden and his family if they win a majority in the House in November. They are especially interested in Hunter Biden, who has a history of drug use and is still being investigated about his taxes. But if Republicans win, Biden’s younger brother is also likely to get more attention.

Many Americans may not know much about James Biden. Hunter Biden and the president have both talked about how close they are to him. On Sunday, the president called his brother, who goes by the names Jim and Jimmy, “my best friend, my buddy.”

ProPublica said in 2020 that James Biden has been by his brother’s side at “almost every important point in Joe’s personal and political life.”

According to the article, he has owned a nightclub, worked as an insurance broker, been a political consultant and fundraiser, invested in new businesses, and been in charge of a construction company.

He has also been accused many times of using the name of Joe Biden to help his business.

In a story from earlier this year, the Washington Post called James Biden a “protector” in the Biden family. They said that he was “the one who made sure the machinery ran while his brother flew.”

The newspaper also said that he has “walked up to ethical lines that his brother has avoided” and has a history of business deals that have sometimes led to lawsuits, recriminations, or bankruptcy.

“I am the person who helps with everything. When it comes to my family, I do what I can to help “James Biden said to the Post.

“But this idea of “the fixer” or any other reference that sounds bad is offensive. I’m not a member of the criminal underworld, nor am I a fixer or a cleaner, nor am I this or that. I’m a very concerned family member who does everything I can to protect my family in a very moral way.”

A lawyer for James Biden has been asked for a response. The White House has been asked what they think.

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