Who Is ‘Bling Empire’s Devon Diep Dating? The Inside Story of Her Relationship!

Devon Diep Dating
Devon Diep Dating

So, who is Devon Diep, exactly? She’s a multi-hyphenate who does it all, from modeling to performing to directing, so that’s the first thing to note.

Devon grew up with her parents and siblings in Boston, where she lived most of her childhood. In an essay for Boston Man Magazine, she wrote about her family relationships. She said, “I often remind myself that my parents fled to a foreign country with no money, had to learn another language, and risked their lives for us to have a better future than we had in Vietnam. I vowed to myself that I would accomplish my goals and honor them.

Devon has acted in The Heat, Jessica Jones for Marvel, and Defense Jacob for Apple TV+. Additionally, she is a musician who has created, produced, and directed several of her own music videos, including the one for the tune “Do You Believe.” She penned the “Green Dragon” title tune for the Martin Scorsese-executive produced movie Revenge of the Green Dragons in 2014. Not to mention, she wrote and directed Air, a self-produced short film.

As fans get to know Devon, there has been some talk about the newcomer’s private life. There are even rumors that Devon and Kevin Kreider are together. So, who is Devon Diep dating? Here is what we know.

Who Is Devon Diep Dating?

People often wonder about the people in Bling Empire and who they date, but little is known about Devon’s love life. Devon is not dating anyone, according to his Instagram page. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a boyfriend. Devon may just like her privacy.

On the show, Devon is shown to be Kevin’s ex-girlfriend. At the end of the trailer, Christine tells the group about Devon. The DJ shakes Kim Lee’s hand and says, “You are… his ex-girlfriend.” The clip ends after that.

Unfortunately, the clip doesn’t say for sure who Devon used to date. But based on Kim’s response, it seems likely that Kevin is the guy in question.

Also, comments on Devon’s Instagram post of the Bling Empire Season 3 trailer shows that the two may have been dating. At the very least, it looks like there might be some history there.

Christine Chiu, who was also in the show, said, “I’ve never seen Kevin happier, so thank you for coming back.”

Kevin and Devon from Bling Empire are in love and share a home in Los Angeles.

Devon and Kevin are still courting, and they are currently residing together in Los Angeles. She relocated from Boston to reside with me, Kevin revealed in an interview with E! Kevin acknowledged that the process had not been simply because they had moved three times in their six weeks of living together. The couple’s relationship has become a little strained due to the circumstance, but they are still deeply in love. Kevin, who is a member of the original ensemble, hopes Devon will take a full-time role in Bling Empire season 4. She is ideal for the program, according to Devon, a model, actor, singer, writer, and director.

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The cast, particularly Kim and Kane Lim—whom Bling Empire fans loved—reacted differently when Christine presented Devon to them as Kevin’s girlfriend. Kevin stated in the E! interview that he and Kim are not as close as they once were. The same could be said of his friendship with Kelly and his fellow actors Kane. “I believe she is now showing a little more consideration for the bond between us. Kelly and I don’t really discuss relationships all that much. He acknowledged, “I don’t believe I feel comfortable talking to him about relationship stuff, which I think is also true with the dynamic with Kane.

Fans of Bling Empire observed Kevin’s attempts to mend fences with his pals Kane, Kim, and Kelly this season. Although some viewers thought Kevin was being overly dramatic at times, some of his worries about their relationship are legitimate. However, they have since worked out their differences and are once again friends. Devon revealed to Netflix that she and Kevin are establishing a production business together when asked about the couple’s future plans. She disclosed that the business will be called ALLS Productions and that it will concentrate on telling Asian-led love tales.

Tensions May Occur Between Devon Diep And Kim Lee

In Season 2, Kevin made it clear that he wanted to take things with Kim to the next level. But after Kim put Kevin through several tests, including a lie detector test, she told the model that she wasn’t ready for a relationship.

In the Season 3 trailer, Kevin talks to Kim about how she brought another guy around. Then Kim says something shocking: Kevin is just not her type.

So, if Kevin still has feelings for Kim when Devon shows up, it’s possible that there will be tension between Kim and Devon. It will be interesting to see what happens. You can stream Seasons 1–3 of Bling Empire on Netflix right now.

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Diep largely thanks to an essay she penned for Boston Man magazine last year

1.  She Is a Refugee From Vietnam

The fact that Diep is a Vietnamese immigrant may not be widely known.

“I frequently remind myself that my parents risked their lives, learned a new language, and fled to a distant country with no money so that we could have a better future than what we had in Vietnam. I made a deal with myself that I would do well and please them,” she penned in Boston Man.

2. She is a producer, singer, and actress.

In the ensemble of Bling Empire, Diep is more than just a pretty face. As an alternative, she is a gifted actress, vocalist, and producer.

“All my life, I’ve wished to sing and act on stage. There are photos of me as a baby singing gleefully to myself. Even though I had no clue how to do it, I knew in my heart that I had to follow my dreams, Diep said in Boston Man magazine.

“Chance struck when I joined a talent agency after taking first place in a regional contest. A lucrative modeling and performing career was launched as a result.

These days, Diep also uploads YouTube recordings of herself singing.

3. She Is a Skilled Model.

Diep, besides being a fantastic performer, is a gifted and accomplished model who has collaborated with some of the largest fashion houses in the world.

Diep has modeled for various companies throughout her work, including Estée Lauder, Donna Karan, Macy’s, Disney, Reebok, Puma, Converse, and more. She enjoys recording herself singing and uploading the recordings to YouTube.

4. She’s Experienced with Guns

Many people might be surprised to learn that Diep used to be in the military. The young actress enrolled in the Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps for a period of four years, following in her father’s path.

“I spent four years as a member of the Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (NJROTC). She stated in Boston Man magazine, “I am professionally taught to use pistols, shotguns, and rifles and am a candidate to be a Massachusetts State Police Certified Firearms Instructor.

5. She Has Participated in a Variety of Media Programs

In addition to her other accomplishments, Diep has appeared on a number of TV programs, including The Heat, Ted, Top Gear, and Defense Jacob.

6. Her estimated net worth is $1 million.

Bling Empire is ultimately a program about rich people, so it goes without saying that everyone is curious about Diep’s actual wealth.

Her exact net worth is unknown, but the Women’s Health journal estimates she is worth US$1.1 million.

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