Is Naomie Olindo Dating Whitney Sudler-smith? All Details Are Here!

are whitney and naomi still dating
are whitney and naomi still dating

Season 8 of Southern Charm has followed the cast’s romantic lives as they navigate relationships — new loves, old flames, running into exes, and everything in between. What is going on between Naomie Olindo and Whitney Sudler-Smith is possibly the one situation that none of the crew could have predicted.

Naomie first revealed her relationship with Whitney during the August 18 episode, revealing they had hooked up after the dog wedding (clip below). And now, in a preview of the August 25 episode of Southern Charm, we’re getting an inside look at the dynamic between these two (clip above), which includes Whitney calling Naomie a “naked shoulder to cry on” in a conversation.

In the preview clip above, Austen Kroll is doing her best to figure out what is going on between Naomie and Whitney, who offers her another compliment that confuses almost everyone, including Naomie.

Whitney and Naomie’s Southern Charm Adventures

Whitney was one of the original cast members, but he has only been on the show since season 4 as a group buddy. On the other hand, Naomie joined the show in season 3 as Craig Conover’s girlfriend and has since established herself as an essential character. She remains a constant presence throughout the show, detailing all of her highs and lows, particularly in relation to the relationships she had up until season 7.

Naomie’s time in the small village had ended, and she had relocated to New York City, sure that her long-term lover, Metul Shah, was the person she would spend the rest of her life with. She later discovered that he had cheated on her, which was very upsetting, and she returned to Charleston to continue filming season 8 with the rest of the cast.

After his mother’s wedding, Patricia Altschul’s dog Peaches, and Lil Craig, a hungover. In the episode “Auldbrass Glitters Is Not Gold,” Naomie revealed that she and Whitney had made out to Leva Bonaparte and Austen Kroll. This was the first time Whitney and Naomie’s identities were made public. Her friends seemed unfazed by the disturbing news and inquired whether there would be any follow-up.

Naomie responded by claiming that Whitney had spent the night with her and that “spooning” had occurred. “He was like, ‘We need to breed,'” she claimed. ‘Mom would love it,’ he says. The news was eventually shared with the rest of the cast, and Naomie’s ex-boyfriend, Craig, did not appear pleased. He was bothered by the prospect of Naomie having a child with him. Despite this, he explained in a later interview that the viewers may have misinterpreted his response.

Craig stated that he was “disappointed” that Whitney violated the “bro-code” by sleeping with his ex-girlfriend, but he was also reacting to “how absurd the situation appeared.” He went on to say that, regardless of his views on any codes, he has no right to judge Naomie’s actions because he is with someone else and has decided to stop pursuing her.

Whitney and Naomie engaged in some lighthearted banter in another segment of the show, and then Whitney told Austen about what he and Naomie had been up to the night before.

After that, he revealed that the two of them had driven around the property late at night while drinking wine, followed by a severe discussion about Craig’s reaction to their news. Whitney referred to Naomie as a “bare shoulder to cry on” and a loyal and trustworthy friend, which surprised Naomie.

On ‘Southern Charm,’ is Naomie dating Whitney?

Naomie first appeared on Southern Charm in Season 3 as Craig’s girlfriend. Naomie has been open about her love life and its ups and downs since she accepted a spot on the show. She ended her three-year relationship with Metul Shah in June 2021 and revealed on Watch What Happens Live that she had “no contact” with her ex after their split.

She revealed she had started dating someone new during the same appearance.

In August 2022, Naomie told Andy Cohen, “I’m dating.” “And I’m overjoyed.”

Naomie did not reveal the mystery man’s identity, but the Season 8 premiere revealed that Naomie is dating Whitney — sort of. During the episode “Great Expectations,” Naomie informed Leva Bonaparte and Austin Kroll that things between her and Whitney had heated up after the cast gathered for a dog wedding in the Season 7 finale.

“Oh my god, I didn’t tell you about the dog wedding, but right after, I kissed Whitney,” Naomie admits in the episode, according to Page Six.

Naomie’s announcement surprised Leva and Austin, but the 30-year-old influencer had even more information to share. Whitney stayed over after their kiss and admitted to “spooning.” She also claimed that the 54-year-old Southern Charm creator suggested they have a child together to please his mother, Patricia Altschul.

“He said, ‘We need to breed,'” Naomie explained. “‘Mom would love it,’ he says.”

Are Whitney and Naomie Still Dating?

While it is unclear where Whitney and Naomie’s relationship is headed, the two appear content with their current situation. In an August 2022 episode of ‘Watch What Happens Life,’ the latter admitted to dating someone but did not name anyone, saying, “I am dating.” And I’m overjoyed.” Whitney has always been a favorite of hers and is close to his mother, Patricia.

Furthermore, later in their gathering, the alleged couple attempted to compliment each other, strengthening their bonds.

Furthermore, Naomie and Whitney’s mothers appeared to be very supportive of their new beginning and encouraged them to continue their relationship; they seemed to believe that both reality TV stars were good for each other. Fans shared this sentiment and have consistently shown their support for the alleged couple on social media.

Everything appears to be going swimmingly for Naomie and Whitney. Although they have kept their details private, their revelations give the impression that they are together and on the right track. As a result, we can only wish them the best in their lives and a bright future.

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