Who is Anna Frey? The TikTok Star and Tennis Prodigy Who Looks Like Brock Purdy!!

Who is Anna Frey?
Who is Anna Frey?

Anna Frey, a 16-year-old social media sensation and tennis player from Utah, has earned millions of TikTok and Instagram followers due to her similarity to San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy.

The internet has been filled with jokes and videos comparing the two sportsmen, particularly since Purdy led the 49ers to the Super Bowl in 2024.

But who is Anna Frey, and what are her accomplishments and goals beyond being Purdy’s lookalike? In this post, we’ll look into Frey’s past, career, and future aspirations.

Frey’s Rise to Fame on TikTok

Frey’s viral popularity began in late 2023, when her classmate, TikToker @kitch_mimball, shared a video in which he interviewed her in the hallway of Farmington High School in Farmington, Utah.

The video garnered over 20 million views and hundreds of comments, many of which emphasized Frey’s strong resemblance to Purdy. Since then, Frey’s TikTok account, @annafrey07, has grown to over 1.2 million followers, who watch her publish trending dance and lip-sync videos paired with popular tunes.

Frey’s Connection to Purdy and the Super Bowl

The Anna Frey-Brock Purdy comparison has become a famous meme on social media, with fans generating fancam edits, photoshops, and jokes about the couple. Some have even proposed that Frey should receive a ring if the 49ers win the Super Bowl.

Frey has embraced the bit, even purchasing a Purdy jersey to wear in some of her videos. Purdy, who will start for the 49ers in Sunday’s Super Bowl, is aware of his Utah resemblance. Purdy smiled when his younger brother Chubba posted a TikTok video following the 49ers’ NFC championship victory on Jan. 28, 2024.

Who is Anna Frey

He remarked, “Anna Frey, going to the Super Bowl,” prompting the video. Frey responded with her video, stating that she was “patiently waiting for my Super Bowl invite.” Her video has been seen over 26 million times. Frey’s goal was realized when she received an invitation from the 49ers to attend the Super Bowl as their guest.

Frey’s Tennis Career and Goals

Frey is more than just Purdy’s doppelganger. She is also an outstanding tennis player who has dominated Utah’s girl’s tennis scene and earned national headlines as one of the sport’s most promising prospects. Frey won the Utah 6A singles state title as a freshman in 2023, gaining ‘Ms.


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Tennis honors from the Deseret News and rated as the state’s best talent in the class of 2026. Frey has also participated in national competitions such as the USTA Winter Nationals and the Easter Bowl, where she competed against some of the finest junior players in the country.

Frey’s ambition is to become a professional tennis player and compete in the Grand Slams. “I want to be on tour, play the U.S. Open, the Australian Open, and all of the Grand Slams.”I watch it and think, ‘Oh, I could do that!'” Frey remarked to Fox 13.

How Old is Anna Frey?

Anna Frey was 16 years old in February 2024. According to Tennis.com, Frey will complete high school in 2026. In January 2024, Frey competed in the USTA winter nationals, finishing second.

In addition, Frey is Utah’s number-one junior tennis player. Frey has stated that she intends to play tennis collegiately and eventually go pro.

Final Line

Anna Frey, a teenage star, has grabbed the internet with her charisma and talent. She is not just a TikTok sensation, but also a promising tennis player with a bright future ahead of her. Frey is a force to be reckoned with, whether she’s rooting for Purdy in the Super Bowl or hitting the courts.

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