What Happened To Andrew Ridgeley? What Is He Doing Now?

What Happened To Andrew Ridgeley
What Happened To Andrew Ridgeley

Andrew Ridgeley, a talented English singer, songwriter, guitarist, and record producer, was one half of Wham! with his childhood friend George Michael. “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” and “Careless Whisper” cemented the duo’s legacy. After Wham!’s 1986 breakup, Ridgeley became a successful record producer.

Andrew Ridgeley’s long-term romance with Bananarama vocalist Keren Woodward, which ended in 2017, also garnered attention. “Wham! George & Me,” Ridgeley’s book about his close friend George Michael, has resurfaced in the news. The 2019 book’s critical praise revived interest in the band’s ageless music.

Today, Andrew Ridgeley produces music. He supports the “Rock Against Racism” campaign and other charity organizations. His music and memories with Wham! and George Michael remain popular globally. In this article, we can read about what happened to Andrew Ridgeley.

What Happened To Andrew From Wham?

Following Wham!’s demise in 1986, Andrew Ridgeley launched a solo career, releasing his debut album, “Son of Albert,” in 1990. Despite his previous success with Wham!, the album garnered a mixed review and fell short of commercial success. Following that, he relocated to Monaco, where he began his career as a yacht trader.

Ridgeley has lived in Cornwall, England, for about three decades and has stayed engaged in the music industry as a record producer. Notably, he recently released his book “Wham! George & Me,” which delves into his long-held connection with George Michael.

Andrew Ridgeley tweeted that WHAM! the documentary film is available to stream on Netflix. You can see below:

Since the demise of Wham!, Andrew Ridgeley has pursued a more private life away from the spotlight. While he remains active in the music industry as a producer and songwriter, he has not achieved the economic success he did with the band. Nonetheless, his acclaimed status in the industry continues, and fans around the world continue to cherish Wham!’s long legacy.

Ridgeley recently gained recognition with the publication of his book, “Wham! George & Me,” which focuses on his friendship with George Michael and the remarkable experiences they shared while in the band. Both fans and critics praised the book, which successfully reignited interest in Wham! and its musical accomplishments.

Despite his limited public presence in comparison to other celebrities, Ridgeley stays committed to numerous humanitarian initiatives. His support for groups like as the Prince’s Trust and the Teenage Cancer Trust demonstrates his charitable nature, while his vociferous advocacy for environmental measures demonstrates his concern for the environment. Despite his career’s ups and downs, Andrew Ridgeley is a renowned figure in the music industry, revered for his lasting impact on the pop music world.

What Is Andrew Ridgeley Doing Now?

Wham! left Wembley Stadium nearly four decades ago. George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley sold 30 million records in four years, sweeping the world. Wham!” on Netflix chronicles their incredible adventure with never-before-seen film and rare interviews from George and Andrew’s vaults. The duo formed in Bushey, Hertfordshire, as teens.

George continued making music till his unexpected death on Christmas Day 2016. After the separation, Andrew’s life changed. He tried Formula Three racing in Monaco but failed. He continued to pursue a successful acting career in Los Angeles.

What Happened To Andrew Ridgeley

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In 1990, Andrew returned to Britain and released his only solo album, “Son of Albert.” The album failed to chart and garnered mediocre reviews. He named the album after his father, Albert Ridgeley. Entertainment Weekly appreciated the tracks’ instrumental “verve” but said they lacked passion and were manufactured pop.

Andrew moved to Wadebridge, Cornwall, 30 years ago for peace and quiet. After meeting Keren Woodward from Bananarama, he and Keren’s son, Thomas, relocated to a lovely farmhouse near Wadebridge in 1994.

Andrew enjoyed golfing at Padstow’s Trevose course when living in North Cornwall. Andrew Ridgeley cherishes Wham!’s musical brilliance while enjoying his tranquil and fulfilling life in Cornwall’s stunning scenery.

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