Travis Scott Denies Rumors He Cheated On Kylie Jenner


Travis Scott is refuting fresh allegations that he had an affair with Kylie Jenner.

Following the publication of a private Instagram Stories video of the Houston rapper on location at a shoot by Instagram model Rojean Kar, also known online as @YungSweetRo, the cheating allegations came to light. When Scott and Jenner took a break from their relationship in 2019, Kar was the target of comparable cheating rumors, which led to speculation of infidelity (which she denied at the time).

There is a lot of strange stuff going on, Scott wrote. “While I was directing a video, someone who wasn’t invited was secretly taking pictures on a set that was supposed to be closed. This is the last time I’ll say it. I’ve never met this person. I’ve never dated this person before. So, please, put an end to the nonstop online games and fiction.”

Kar claims that when she posted the video from the shoot, she was completely unaware that Scott was there. The social media star is now responding to Scott’s claim that he did not know her, calling him out for lying and asserting that “everyone” had previously seen him with her.

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She also seems to imply that her earlier denials of having an affair with Scott were a case of her “going along” with a story made up by Scott and Jenner.

In a selfie video that The Shade Room was able to obtain, Kar says, “What we’re not going to do is lie on me.” “I’ve done well. Whatever story you wanted me to post, I’ve posted. No matter how much shit I got in return, I played along with your desired story while pretending I didn’t know you. But to claim that you don’t know me and have never been with me is absurd because you have unquestionably done so, everyone has seen you with me, and I have photos and videos of you doing so.”

Kar continues to claim that Scott regularly cheated on Jenner, adding, “I saw you on Valentine’s Day. Every single girl I know started screaming at me as I ran out the door, “Trav is asking for you, come back.” Are we trying to deny that also occurred? Really, come on. You have a f*cking affair with that b*tch every single night. The entire city can see it.”

If you weren’t at this table on Valentine’s Day, then you weren’t with me, Scott later replied with a dinner table spread timestamped to February 14 and decorated for the holiday.

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