Did David Beckham Cheat On Victoria: Is Cheating Allegations True? All You Need To Know!

did david beckham cheat on victoria
did david beckham cheat on victoria

Are David and Victoria Beckham’s marriage on the rocks as a result of his numerous cheating allegations? According to one magazine, the Beckhams barely made it through David’s latest scandal. Rumour Cop looks into it.

Did David Beckham Cheat On Victoria

According to a recent issue of Star, David and Victoria Beckham’s 22-year marriage has been put to the test on numerous occasions. Victoria may have paid a sweet homage to her husband on their anniversary in July, but the magazine claims that things have been difficult for the Beckhams recently.

“There were plenty of instances over the last 2 decades when Victoria might have stepped out,” an inside source explains, adding, “Even though David has consistently denied infidelity, women suspected him of being disloyal.”

After all again, none of the charges of cheating have been proven, and the Beckhams have categorically rejected them. Despite this, the magazine claims that the couple’s life hasn’t been easy. David’s personal assistant, a beauty shop owner, and, most recently, one of his children’s teachers have all accused him of infidelity. “David refuted the allegations yet again,” the informant recalls, “and each time, Victoria chose to believe her husband.”

However, the site concludes that things are looking up for the Beckhams in the future, as they aim to reach their 25th anniversary. “David loves Victoria more than ever before,” the insider reveals. “He’s thankful she’s always stood with him.”

Victoria Beckham Is A Supporter Of David Beckham

While David has been suspected of infidelity in the past, there is no proof that the claims have ever put his and Victoria’s marriage in danger. Because this piece didn’t reveal any new information, it’s difficult to identify what it was trying to accomplish.

We highly doubt the pair was on the verge of divorce because Victoria has stood by her husband through far worse than these current charges. Regardless of the rumors, the Beckhams remain the greatest power couple.

The tabloids appear to be the only ones who haven’t forgotten about David Beckham’s adultery charges. In 2019, we debunked a rumor from NW stating David and Courteney Cox had gotten steamy in a hot tub.

Then, according to Woman’s Day, David began flirting with Emilia Clarke. David was getting close to Kate Moss, according to the same newspaper. New Idea also stated recently that he was flirting with Kim Kardashian. Clearly, these publications are so fascinated with David’s charges that they’ve created their own.

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