Is Steve Bannon Married? Who Is Steve Bannon’s Wife? All About He Divorced From Three Different Women

steve bannon wife
steve bannon wife

Does Steve Bannon have a wife? Kevin Bannon is a former investment banker, a media executive, and a political strategist. Many of them are looking for information on Steve Bannon’s marriage on the Internet. If you also want to know if Steve Bannon is married or not, this article will tell you.

Steve Bannon, who used to work in the White House for President Donald Trump, was arrested and charged with wire fraud and money laundering on Thursday, August 20. Federal prosecutors in New York indicted Bannon and three other men for allegedly laundering millions of donor dollars to build a wall along the Mexican border, and now, he could face up to 20 years in prison.

Steve Bannon’s ex-wives, Cathleen Houff Jordan, Mary Louise Piccard, and Diane Clohesy, probably all feel like they got away from a big problem when they left him.

In The 1980s, Steve Bannon Got Married To Cathleen Houff Jordan

As the former executive chairman of Breitbart News, Bannon had not yet made a name for himself when he got married for the first time. In the 1980s, he married Cathleen Houff Jordan. They split up before he met his second wife, Piccard, in the 1990s. Jordan’s job and location are no longer listed, and it’s not clear why they got a divorce.

They had one child together. Her name was Maureen, and Info Please says she went to West Point. It’s not clear if Maureen and Bannon were ever together or if he still talks to Jordan.

Bannon’s Second Marriage, To Mary Louise Piccard, Lasted Only A Short Time And Was Said To Be Violent

Heavy says that Bannon married his second wife, Mary Louise Piccard, in 1995. Their marriage only lasted two years and ended in 1997 because of alleged violence. Both the divorce papers and the police report said that when they were fighting about money, the former political strategist physically attacked Piccard.

In the divorce papers, it also says that he said anti-Semitic things when they were deciding where to send their twin daughters to school.

The person who speaks for Bannon says that he gets along well with his ex-wife and kids, that he pleaded “not guilty” in the domestic violence case, and that he has never said anything anti-Semitic. Height Zone says that since she split up with Bannon, Piccard has kept a low profile. She used to work as an investment banker, but it doesn’t look like she does that anymore.

Nine Years After He And Piccard Broke Up, He Married Diane Clohesy, His Third Wife

Almost a decade after his seemingly nasty divorce with Piccard, Bannon tied the knot with Diane Clohesy in 2006. Clohesy was from Ireland and used to be a model. He seems to have had problems with drugs and mental illness.

According to Miami New Times, she had studied marketing at FIT and they presumably met in New York. They started living together in Laguna Beach, Calif. sometime in 1999, and sometime in 2003, they moved to Florida.

They moved in together to a high-rise in Manhattan three years later, but they broke up in 2009. After they broke up, Clohesy was arrested for drug possession and hitting his wife. She and Bannon kept working together.

They made a documentary called The Undefeated, which came out in 2011, and a movie about Occupy Wall Street called Occupy Unmasked, which came out in 2013. He also continued paying for her housing until 2016.

Bannon’s track record with relationships isn’t great, and it looks like neither is his track record with money. As the court date gets closer, we might hear more from his ex-wives.

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