Is Julie Chen Moonves Pregnant Again In 2022? Everything You Need To Know

Is Julie Chen Pregnant
Is Julie Chen Pregnant

The host of the American edition of the CBS reality series Big Brother, Julie Chen, is an American television celebrity who is speculated to become pregnant once more in 2022.

Since July 2000, Chen, a television celebrity, has served as the moderator of the American reality series Big Brother. She also became a co-anchor of The Early Show in addition to that. She made an appearance as the co-host of the chat show The Talk on CBS Daytime in 2010.

But Chen quit the program after telling her husband Les Moonves about the multiple claims of s*xual assault and harassment. After the case, she stopped signing as Julie Chen and started using her partner’s last name in 2018.

The first children’s book Chen wrote, When I Grow Up, was devoted to her son Charlie during those same years.

Is Julie Chen Moonves Pregnant Again In 2022?

Fans have assumed Chen is pregnant, but that could not be the case. There are no formal details available regarding the host’s latest pregnancy news. She hasn’t seen the baby bump, despite what many think.

According to some of the publications, the couple is having a child. However, neither Chen nor American media executive Leslie Ro Moonves has confirmed it. Regarding the questions from their followers, neither have said.

The well-known brother host Chen and her loving husband Moonves already have a son. On November 30, 2020, she shared the culinary experience with her child. They both loved cooking and were enjoying each other’s company.

With the caption “Me and my little man,” Chen shared a photo of herself and her son on May 18, 2018. After looking at her profile, I noticed that she was stressed out about her career and occupied with work. The couple may not be planning to have further children.

Julie Chen Personal Life

Julie Chen Moonves is married to American media executive Les Moonves. His first wife was Nancy Wiesenfeld, and Julie is his second wife. He is known as the Chairman of the CBS Corporation. Les and Nancy got married in 1978, but in April 2003 they made the terrible decision to end their relationship.

Les and Chen decided to get back together after their painful divorce, and on December 23, 2004, they exchanged wedding rings in Acapulco, Mexico. Julie is still with her partner, Les, despite the allegations of many s*xual assaults. Charlie Moonves, a son, was a blessing for the couple. Their lone child, who was born five years after their marriage, has won their undying love.

Julie also enjoys spending time with her son. The mother and son’s affection is striking, and he is currently 12 years old. On her social media accounts, she had posted a number of images of her son.

Julie Chen Net Worth

Her estimated net worth is $8 million as of 2022. They have a number of assets between them, she and her spouse. 2014 brought them $28.8 million with the sale of La Costa Beach in Malibu. The Beverly Hills house in Malibu owned by the couple was worth $14 million on the open market in 2006.

Although Chen’s income is unknown, she is highly compensated. Nothing is known about the kind of vehicle she drives. Julie Chen, nevertheless, is the owner of upscale vehicles that meet her criteria. Her career has made a significant contribution to her tremendous net worth. She is now among the wealthiest celebs.

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