Sonny Bill Williams Wife: Alana Raffie, the Model and Entrepreneur!!

Sonny Bill Williams Wife
Sonny Bill Williams Wife

Sonny Bill Williams, a famous New Zealand rugby star and boxer, is married to Alana Raffie, a stunning and accomplished South African model and entrepreneur. The pair married in a private ceremony in 2013, after only four weeks of dating.

They have four children together and believe strongly in Islam. In this article, we will look into Alana Raffie’s life, career, and connection with Sonny Bill Williams.

Alana Raffie’s Background and Education

Alana Raffie was born in South Africa and attended Westfield Sports High School. She developed a passion for dancing and eventually became a professional dancer at one of Brazil’s nightclubs.

Sonny Bill Williams Wife
Sonny Bill Williams Wife

She also worked as a model, appearing in several magazines and advertisements. She moved to Australia in 2013 and met Sonny Bill Williams at a retail store where she worked.

Alana Raffie’s Marriage and Family

Alana Raffie and Sonny Bill Williams married in August 2013, in a private Islamic ceremony attended by only a few family members and friends. They decided to marry after only four weeks of dating, adhering to the Islamic norm of having a chaperone on their dates.

They did not make their marriage public until 2014, and they rejected to sell their wedding images to the media. They also avoided using social media in their relationship, focusing on privacy and personal limits.

The couple has four children, Imaan, Aisha, Zaid, and Essa. They are dedicated parents who frequently share family experiences on Instagram.

They believe strongly in Islam and adhere to its teachings and customs. Alana Raffie committed to Islam after meeting Sonny Bill Williams, who had already converted in 2009. They credit their faith with helping them overcome obstacles and deepen their love for one another.

Alana Raffie’s Business and Career

Alana Raffie is more than just a model and mother; she is also a businesswoman and entrepreneur. She operates Slumber Bumba, a company that rents out equipment for children’s sleepovers.

The company’s goal is to help busy parents create unforgettable experiences for their children at a reasonable cost. The company offers tents, mattresses, bedding, cushions, fairy lights, and other slumber party supplies. The company also provides themed packages, like unicorn, mermaid, dinosaur, and superhero.

About Sonny Bill Williams

When was Sonny Bill Williams born, and what is his name? Bill Williams is a well-known New Zealand sportsman who was born on August 3, 1985, in Auckland. His height is around 1.94 meters.

Sonny’s mother is a white New Zealander, and his father, an outstanding rugby league player, is from Samoa. He has an older brother, John Arthur, and younger twin sisters, Niall and Denise. Sonny Bill Williams’ sister, Niall Williams, is also a sportsperson who competes for the New Zealand sevens team.

A strong woman does indeed support every successful man. We hope this has helped you understand who Sonny Bill Williams’ wife is. We all adore the pair and wish they would share more about their lives on social media, but we also appreciate their desire to keep their lives private.


Alana Raffie is a gorgeous and talented woman who is the wife of Sonny Bill Williams, a well-known New Zealand rugby player and boxer. She is a model, a dancer, a mother, a business owner, and an entrepreneur. She is a devout Muslim who has a deep religion and a love relationship with her spouse. She is a role model for many ladies and a devoted partner to her husband.

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