Monica Garcia Expecting Her Fifth Baby With Secret Boyfriend!

Monica Garcia Expecting Her Fifth Baby
Monica Garcia Expecting Her Fifth Baby

Exciting news is in the air for fans of RHOSLC! Monica Garcia has shared a joyous revelation—she’s expecting her fifth bundle of joy. With anticipation building, let’s dive into the delightful details of this heartwarming announcement.

Monica Garcia Expecting Her Fifth Baby

During an appearance on Nick Viall’s podcast, The Viall Files, the 39-year-old Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star revealed that she is expecting her fifth child.

Along with her ex-husband Mike Fowler, Garcia is already a mother to three daughters: Bri, 18, Jaidyn, 13, West, 7, and Kendall, 6. She gained notoriety during season 4 of the reality TV show. She has not yet revealed the name of her 29-year-old boyfriend, with whom she is pregnant.

When asked what she planned to do after leaving the reality show, Garcia disclosed that she is currently seven weeks pregnant.

Garcia says, “I literally just found out. I have not told one f—— person except for my best friend. I literally went into urgent care for something totally unrelated that I thought was wrong. And the doctor came in and was like, ‘You’re pregnant.'”

Monica Garcia Expecting Her Fifth Baby
Monica Garcia Expecting Her Fifth Baby

Garcia recalled hearing the news later in the interview, stating that she was “on the urgent care floor, bawling my eyes out. Because I’m like, ‘I’m 39!’ Like, there’s no way. I’m on birth control. By all means, I should not be pregnant.”

The reality actress announced on the podcast that she met her current partner during filming for the Bravo reality series, and in October she officially ended her marriage to Fowler.

She added, “That is where Heather [Gay] and I shot our snowmobiling scene. So that is when I met him. I was like, ‘Give me your phone.’ He handed me his phone and I put my name and number in there.”

Garcia added that the two bonded over the fact that her partner is also an ex-Mormon.

Garcia confirmed her pregnancy on Thursday, April 11, by posting a video to her Instagram account. She wrote in the caption, “🩷🩵 Yes. I already have four girls. No. I was not planning on being 39 and going through the baby stage again, but unexpectedly here I am.”

“For everyone making hateful comments and judging me as a mother, immediately deleted and blocked. I will not intake the negativity coming at me over a baby. To everyone else, THANK YOU🩵🩷.”

Garcia’s departure from The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City for season five was revealed exclusively to news outlets in January.

Bravo usually keeps casting rumors under wraps, but in an interview, executive producers confirmed the news, stating that the cast needed time to come together. Later on, Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen hinted that Garcia’s departure might be “a break.”

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