Jordan Page Announces Divorce From Husband Bubba!

Jordan Page Divorce
Jordan Page Divorce

Jordan Page, who is famous, is in the spotlight because her marriage is ending. Many people are interested in the news of her divorce and are wondering why it’s happening. This article will give you all the details about Jordan’s divorce.

Jordan Page’s Divorce

Jordan Page and her husband are splitting up. Jordan Page, who is well-known as a Mormon influencer and the founder of the Page Company, along with her husband Bubba Page, announced their divorce on social media.

They shared the news on Instagram on March 24, 2024, “Just a quick update – some of you may have noticed changes in our family, as Bubba and I have decided to end our marriage. While divorce is not what we hoped for, we handle things differently in our family. We still care about each other, support each other, and will continue to work together.”

Jordan Page’s Divorce

“While we appreciate your love and concern, we won’t be discussing this further and won’t talk about our relationship, marriage, or divorce. So, please don’t ask.”

“Also, please don’t bring up this topic with our kids. They’re doing great, and we want to keep it that way. Thanks for being here and being part of our journey. Your support means a lot to us.”

The reason for Jordan Page and her husband’s divorce hasn’t been disclosed. Jordan filed for divorce from Bubba on March 12, 2024, two weeks before they made their divorce public.

Jordan Page And Bubba’s Kids

Throughout their marriage, Bubba and Jordan have had eight children. Their kids’ names are Priya, Joss, Devereux, McEwan, Mory, Brandsten, Beck, and Daivy.

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