Jimmy Failla Net Worth: How Much Is The Fox News Host Worth?

Jimmy Failla Net Worth
Jimmy Failla Net Worth

Jimmy Failla is a stand-up comedian, television analyst, author, and radio host for Fox News. He is best known as the host of “Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla,” which airs daily from 12 to 3 p.m. on Fox News Radio, Fox Nation, and other platforms.

But how much money does he earn from his different endeavors? And what is his net worth in 2024?

Jimmy Failla’s Salary

Jimmy Failla’s annual pay for hosting Fox Across America, which airs weekdays from 12-3 on Fox News Radio, Fox Nation, and FoxNewsRadio.com, is said to be $79,513.

He also earns money from his appearances on other Fox television shows, stand-up comedy acts, and book sales. However, the actual quantity of his income from various sources is not public knowledge.

Jimmy Failla’s Net Worth

Jimmy Failla’s net worth in 2024 is expected to be $1.1 million, based on his salary and assets. His net worth has significantly increased from $5 million in 2023, indicating success in his activities.

Jimmy Failla leads a luxury lifestyle with his wife, Jenny Failla, whom he married in 2006. The pair lives in a luxury home in New York City and enjoys the benefits of celebrity status.


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Jimmy Failla’s Career

Jimmy Failla is a prominent comedian, actor, and writer who has established himself in the entertainment sector. He began his career by playing in local comedy clubs and theaters, working his way up to the main stage.

Jimmy has since appeared in numerous comedy specials, television series, and films. He is also a prolific writer, having published numerous books and essays about comedy and humor. Jimmy’s talent and hard work have gained him critical acclaim and a massive fan base, making him one of the most in-demand comedians in the industry.

Jimmy Failla Height and Weight

Jimmy Failla is renowned for having normal height and weight. He stands 5 feet 10 inches tall, which is considered the average height for most people. However, his weight is unknown to the public, and he has not published any information about it.

Jimmy Failla Personal Life

Jimmy Failla is known for his modest and reserved personality, and he has kept his personal life out of the spotlight. He is known to be married and has a family, but specifics about his family and personal life are not made public.

Jimmy is a family man who is known to be quite close to his wife and children. He frequently mentions in his comedic performances that his family is his source of inspiration and encouragement.

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Who is Jimmy Failla?

Jimmy Failla is a comedian, radio host, television personality, and self-proclaimed “trophy husband.”

What is he most known for?

He’s primarily known for hosting the nationally syndicated radio show “Fox Across America” on Fox News Radio and his new TV show “Fox News Saturday Night with Jimmy Failla.”

Where is he from?

He was born and raised in New York City and currently lives on Long Island with his family.

What is his background in comedy?

Before his radio and TV career, Jimmy Failla established himself as a stand-up comedian, performing shows across the country.

What other shows has he hosted?

He’s hosted shows like “Off the Meter,” “Richard Hammond’s Crash Course,” and “Gotham Comedy Live.”

What other media appearances does he make?

He frequently appears on Fox News programs as a guest commentator and contributor.

Is he married?

Yes, Jimmy Failla has been happily married to Jenny Failla for over 16 years.

Do they have children?

Yes, they have a son named Lincoln.

What is Jenny Failla’s occupation?

Jenny Failla is a licensed therapist.

What format is “Fox Across America” in?

It’s a talk radio show featuring Jimmy Failla’s commentary and interviews with guests from across the political spectrum.

What kind of comedy does Jimmy Failla perform?

He’s known for his observational humor and often uses his Italian-American background and New York roots as material.

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