Janet Leigh Files Divorce From Husband After 26 Years Of Marriage!

Janet Leigh Divorce
Janet Leigh Divorce

In the world of famous couples, Eric McCormack and his wife, Janet Leigh, have been together for a long time. But now, after 26 years of marriage, they’re getting a divorce. This news has surprised everyone, and fans want to know why.

In this article, we’ll talk about their relationship, why they’re splitting up, and what might happen next for both of them. Let’s dive in and find out more about Eric McCormack and Janet Leigh’s decision to end their marriage.

Janet Leigh Files Divorce From Husband Eric McCormack

According to court records, the filmmaker and the 60-year-old Will and Grace actor are divorcing after more than 26 years of marriage.

In addition to asking the court to stop Eric from receiving spousal support, Janet, who filed for divorce alleging “irreconcilable differences,” is also seeking spousal support.

In the divorce filing, which was filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court the day before Thanksgiving, she omitted to specify the date of separation.

Janet Leigh Files Divorce From Husband Eric McCormack

On the set of the CBS TV series Lonesome Dove, the ex-couple initially got together in 1994. At the time, Eric played Col. Francis Clay Mosby, and Janet was the assistant director.

After getting married in August 1997, the couple welcomed their only child, a son named Finnigan Holden McCormack, into their family five years later.

The first official picture Eric and Janet had taken together was from the 1994 Lonesome Dove wrap party, which he posted back in April 2020 on Instagram but it has now been deleted.

He wrote in the caption, “This is the first shot Janet & I took at the #LonesomeDove Season 1 Wrap Party, circa Dec ’94. Just so happens that this was our ‘coming out’ party. No one on the show knew we’d been dating for months.🤯.”

In a 2007 interview titled “What I know about women,” Eric revealed small pieces about his relationship with Janet to The Guardian.

He said, “I met my wife, Janet, in 1994 on the set of a TV series. She was the assistant director. I was just coming out of a relationship, and not to be trusted. I’d been dating actresses but Janet was different. She wore jeans, and drove a pick-up truck.”

Eric continued, “At first she wasn’t too keen. She knew actors are a lot of work: it would be like taking your work home with you.”

He added further, “But I managed to convince her. We had a secret affair in the first season. I mean, dating crew! Actually, it was much worse for her, because she wasn’t supposed to give any of the actors preferential treatment.”

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