Is Super Sized Salon Star Jamie Lopez Was Married?

Was Jamie Lopez married? She was a reality TV star and the founder of Babydoll Beauty Couture.

Who Was Jamie Lopez?

Jaime Lopez was born on February 13, 1986, in Spain. She was a well-known reality star and professional makeup artist. Jamie got her start on TV earlier this year when she was chosen for the hit show Super Sized Salon on WE TV.

The show followed Jamie and her team of stylists as they ran a salon for women of all sizes in Las Vegas. The show was about Jamie’s efforts to create a safe and comfortable place for plus-size customers to get spa treatments and a complete makeover. Most of their message was about loving yourself and accepting who you are.

On the show, Jamie was honest about her struggles with her weight, with her boyfriend, and even with her troubled childhood. People noticed how honest she was, which made her more popular online.

Jamie Lopez, the founder of Babydoll Beauty Couture and the star of We TV’s “Super Sized Salon,” has died at the age of 37. Their Instagram page has posted a message to all of their followers.

The statement says that their legendary founder and owner, Jamie Lopez, has died and asks their followers to give them time to mourn their huge and painful loss.

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Is Super Sized Salon Star Jamie Lopez Was Married?

At the time this article was written, no one knew if Jamie Lopez was married or not. She never told anyone about anything in her personal life.

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