Is Sloane Stephens Pregnant? Who is Her Husband?

Is Sloane Stephens Pregnant
Is Sloane Stephens Pregnant

Sloane Stephens: Is she pregnant? Sloane Stephens recently shared her plans. She plans to freeze her eggs after this season so she can have a family without worrying about her tennis career.

She’s a former US Open champion who married football player Jozy Altidore earlier this year in a lavish ceremony. Fans are curious about her next move.

Sloane discussed her future in an Instagram Q&A. When asked about starting a family, she said she plans to do so soon.

This decision to store her eggs appears to be part of her deliberate approach to combining her personal life with her tennis career.

Is Sloane Stephens Pregnant?

Sloane Stephens is not expecting a baby, and neither she nor her husband, Jozy Altidore, have responded to the pregnancy rumours thus far.

Is Sloane Stephens Pregnant?

Sloane Stephens, once ranked as the world’s third-best tennis player, revealed that she planned to freeze her eggs. This allows her to plan for a large family in the future without feeling rushed to become pregnant right away. Sloane Stephens writes:

“At some point, soon. I’m preparing for the future. I’m freezing my eggs this off-season. I’ve already started the process. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and I don’t feel like I should have to choose between my career and starting a family.”

Another admirer asked Sloane if she was considering surrogacy, and she responded yes. She indicated that she was exploring both surrogacy and adoption.

Sloane stated that she hopes to have many children in the future and is pleased that she has enough money to make her dreams a reality. Sloane Stephens added:

“Absolutely, I’ve always said I want to carry a baby, have a surrogate and adopt. I want a lot of kids, but we will see what happens. I’m blessed to have the resources and funds to be able to create the future I want for myself and my family.”

When a fan asked Sloane what the happiest day of her life was, she replied that it was her wedding day. When asked about her favourite tennis surface, she shockingly chose clay over hard courts, despite winning her sole Grand Slam title on a hard court.

Jozy Altidore and Sloane Stephens Memorable Wedding

Sloane Stephens and her fiance, Jozy Altidore, got married. They got married on January 1 at the St. Regis Bal Harbour in Miami Beach, Florida. 

Sloane wore a beaded Galia Lahav couture gown, a Maria Elena headpiece, and Peter Marco diamonds. Schacle Powell styled her hair, while Tia Codrington applied her bridal makeup. Jozy received his wedding haircut from Christopher Bailey.

Cerca Creative organised the entire event, including the decorations. Stanley Photography’s Stanley Babb captured images, while Bridges Cinema captured the moment Sloane and Jozy exchanged Peter Marco rings beneath palm trees and a mirrored archway.

The wedding of Sloane Stephens and Jozy Altidore required certain particular preparations owing to COVID-19. Before traveling to Florida, guests had to receive all necessary vaccinations, test themselves with Lucira PCR testing from NURX, and have their PCR results checked the morning of the wedding.

The St. Regis served refreshments and made their wedding cake while they danced to the music of a DJ from Rock With U. They remembered loved ones who couldn’t be there, such as Sloane’s grandparents, who died from COVID-19 in early 2021.

The couple’s wedding stationery, including invites, was created with Zola, which also housed their website and registry.

Planning the wedding during the pandemic was difficult, with many factors beyond their control. Sloane says she understands how other couples dealing with COVID-related issues feel, and she respects their loved ones’ flexibility in making the day safe and special.

Despite the difficulties, Jozy sees a bright side to reflecting on the path that led to this point. He says it has been nostalgic to recall the events that led them to this point, and it has made him fall in love with Sloane all over again.

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