Is Lele Pons Pregnant? A Deep Look at Social Media’s Personal Life

Is Lele Pons Pregnant?
Is Lele Pons Pregnant?

Lele Pons is one of the most well-known and prominent social media personalities in the world. She has almost 40 million Instagram followers, 16 million YouTube subscribers, and millions of fans across several platforms.

She is well-known for her funny and imaginative videos, collaborations with other celebrities, and musical and acting careers.

So, what about her personal life? Is Lele Pons pregnant? Is she dating anybody? In this essay, we will attempt to address these and other questions using the facts available.

Is Lele Pons Pregnant?

There is no verifiable information about Lele Pons’ pregnancy. The speculation stemmed from a TikTok video in which she addressed trying for a baby with her husband, Guaynaa, during an interview about her 2024 plans.

Is Lele Pons Pregnant

Pons then explained that she was “so drunk” at the moment, injecting a joking tone into her earlier remark. Fans reacted to the TikTok video, finding humor in the discussion between Pons and her fellow “Dancing With the Stars” veteran, Harry Jowsey, who jokingly sought to keep her from oversharing.

Pons has previously stated that she plans to wait before starting a family, citing a desire to travel and spend more time with her spouse.

Lele Pons and Her Husband, Guaynaa!!

Guaynaa, whose actual name is Jean Carlos Santiago Pérez, is a rapper from Puerto Rico. He rose to prominence in 2019 with his smash song “ReBoTa,” which not only reached the Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart but was also certified 4x platinum.

Guaynaa obtained an El Premio ASCAP award in 2022 for his song “Chica Ideal” and won the Premio Lo Nuestro for Best Song with “Cumbia a La Gente.” Lele Pons, a Venezuelan YouTube celebrity, and the Puerto Rican rapper started their relationship professionally.

They collaborated on a song-and-music video that debuted in September 2020 and received over 453 million views on YouTube. Following the release of the video, romance rumors began to circulate.

Pons, who later joined the Season 32 cast of Dancing With the Stars, publicly declared her romance with Guaynaa via Instagram following their musical collaboration. They got engaged in July 2022 and married one year later.


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Since their wedding, the couple has frequently shared photos on social media and attended numerous events together, including red-carpet appearances. They also travel the world to spend quality time with their friends and family. Guaynaa and Pons released their debut album together, Capitulaciones, in April 2023.

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