Who Is Laith Ashley? Is He Transgender? Revealed Here!

Is Laith Ashley transgender

Laith Ashley: Laith Ashley is a model, an actor, and an activist from the United States. He has also been on the main covers of well-known fashion and lifestyle magazines, such as British GQ, Vogue France, Out Magazine, Elle UK, Attitude UK Gay Times, FTM Magazine, and Cassius, among others.

In June 2016, he was in a special issue of Attitude UK about summer clothes and underwear. He was also in a number of fashion shows, like the Gypsy Sport Catwalk at New York Fashion Week and the Marco Marco Fashion Show at L.A. Style. The last time he went viral was on January 27, 2023, when he was in Taylor Swift’s “Lavender Haze” music video.

Let’s Check Is Laith Ashley Transgender Or Not?

Is Laith Ashley Transgender?

The unusual actor is very open about his life as a transgender person. Laith told French Vogue that he didn’t know what it meant to be transgender until he was 19. But he “knew there was something different” about him when he was 4 or 5 years old. Ashely was raised as a Christian and was taught that being gay was “sinful.”

Even more recently, in 2018, he told British GQ that he tried to “pray the gays away.” Laith says that he is at peace with himself now. Ashley’s aunt told his parents about his relationship when he was 17. At first, they didn’t like it, but now they do.

Laith Ashley went to Fairfield University in Connecticut to study psychology. He remembers the first time he saw videos of other trans people on the internet. By the time she was 23, Ashley had come out as transgender and started modelling. The next year, Laith started to change his health.

In 2015, Ashley posted some pictures of herself in her underwear on Instagram. Laverne Cox saw them and promoted Laith’s work on her account. From there, Laith became a huge hit. He has done campaigns for Out Magazine, Gay Times, and Vogue France.

In 2016, he also made a guest appearance on Caitlyn Jenner’s reality show, “I Am Cait.” Francisco Lachowskil, Rob Evans, Omahyra Mota, and Azmarie Livingston are some of the people Ashley looks up to.

This Representation Is Major

People and groups were quick to point out how important it was that Ashley was in Swift’s new music video. “This representation is important at a time when trans rights are being attacked more and more,” writer Ashley Spencer said.

“The Taylor video is so amazing,” said the LGBT rights group Glaad.

Others replied to Ashley’s post to tell him how important his moment was to the LGBT community. “Thank you for standing up for all trans people and making history for us all,” said one commenter. Someone else said, “You’re an inspiration to the LGBTQ+ community.”

Laith Stars In Taylor Swift’s Music Video

Midnights was Taylor Swift’s 10th studio album, which came out in October 2022. She is now releasing music videos, and Lavender Haze has become a fan favourite very quickly. The video came out at midnight on January 27, 2023, less than 24 hours after she gave a sneak peek of the trailer on Thursday, January 26.

She tweeted about the music video to promote it: “There is my amazing co-star, @laithashley, with whom I loved working so much.” This was the first video I wrote out of the three that have been released, and it really helped me picture the world and mood of Midnights, which is kind of like a hot, sleepless fever dream from the 1970s. “We hope you enjoy it.”

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