Andrew Schimmer Wife Illness: Phillipine Star Shares Emotional Tribute as Her Wife Death!!

Andrew Schimmer Wife Illnes
Andrew Schimmer Wife Illnes

Andrew Schimmer, a Filipino actor, lost his wife, Jho Rovero, on Tuesday, December 20, 2022. She was 34 at the time of her death. As the story broke, many took to social media to express their sympathies to the family.

Fans were well aware of Jho Rovero’s health fight because her husband Andrew Schimmer shared their journey on social media. She died after a year in a coma owing to complications from severe asthma and cardiac arrest. Rovero also had hypoxemia, which is when the oxygen levels in the arteries fall below normal, causing breathing difficulty.

Andrew Schimmer announced his wife’s death on Facebook. He posted a photo of himself and his wife intertwining their fingers. The couple looked to be wearing their wedding bands. He captioned the image:

“The Love of my Life… my wife.. my best friend.. my partner in everything. Remember your promise, together forever”

Who Is Andrew Schimmer?

Andrew Schimmer is a well-known Filipino Flipino actor, social media sensation, and bodybuilder. Andrew is a well-known actor who has been in a number of films and television shows. He rose to prominence after participating in the 2004 film “Gagamboy.” Andrew’s given name is John Andrew Schimmer, and he also goes by Romanza Braganza. His ethnicity is Asian race, and he is Filipino by nationality. This post will provide you with more information about what recently happened to Andrew’s wife.

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Who Was Andrew Schimmer’s Wife?

Jho Rovero was an actress and model, renowned as the wife of actor Andrew Schimmer. She had been battling hypoxia for nearly a year. After spending barely a week at home, she was admitted to the hospital. Schimmer had requested his supporters to pray for his wife, Jho, in a Facebook video. She had also experienced a severe asthma attack, leading to cardiac arrhythmias and other complications.

Did the couple have children?

Andrea and Neymar are Schimmer and his wife’s two children. The couple reportedly married on December 10. In relation to their wedding, Schimmer posted a photo of two wedding rings online and wrote:

“We will not wait anymore for the right moment to come… by GOD’s grace it will HAPPEN.”

The next day, he posted a video in which he said that they had a religious wedding and were returning to the hospital to complete his wife’s treatment.

Andrew Schimmer Was Filming When His Wife, Jho Rovero, Died

The actor said in a heartbreaking video posted on Facebook that he was recording an episode of the show Family Feud when he received a call from the physicians. He stated that he immediately went to the hospital and observed medical personnel attempting to revive his wife. Rovero’s condition deteriorated further. Schimmer stated,

“My siblings, I want to tell you the saddest and worst news that you could hear. While I was in GMA for a taping for Family Feud, I received a call from doctors at St. Lukes who said that her BP and everything else went down, including her oxygen.”

Jho Rovero was admitted to the hospital in November 2021 following a severe asthma attack that also resulted in a heart arrest. She was then admitted to St Luke’s Medical Center in Taguig for three weeks in the intensive care unit.
As her medical expenditures grew, Schimmer asked his fans to contribute financially to his family. He was chronicling his wife’s health journey on a regular basis.

Important Note: Currently, the provided information is all we have regarding Andrew Schimmer’s wife’s illness and unfortunate passing. Any further updates or details will be promptly added to this page as soon as they are accessible.

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