Is Jess Hilarious Pregnant? Surprise Announcement on The Breakfast Club!

Is Jess Hilarious Pregnant?
Is Jess Hilarious Pregnant?

Jess Hilarious, the comedian and co-host of The Breakfast Club, is expecting her second child. On her birthday, February 13, 2024, she verified the news after her boyfriend, Chris, called into the show and introduced their “little bundle of joy”. Here’s all you need know about Jess Hilarious’s pregnancy and relationship.

Is Jess Hilarious Pregnant?

Yes, comedian Jess Hilarious made a surprising announcement on the most recent edition of The Breakfast Club, revealing that she is expecting her second child. On her 32nd birthday, February 13, Jess received a touching call from her boyfriend, Chris, during the morning radio broadcast.

In a touching and unexpected moment, Chris expressed his delight and enthusiasm about welcoming their “little bundle of joy.” The co-hosts, Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy, were taken aback by the news and anxiously confirmed with Jess, who confirmed her pregnancy with a smile.

During the on-air announcement, Jess revealed that she is three months pregnant (13 weeks). The co-hosts, still surprised, thanked Chris, and because Jess’ birthday coincided with Valentine’s Day, Charlamagne joked that an engagement ring would make an excellent gift for this special occasion. Jess Hilarious’ unexpected announcement added a touching note to her birthday party on The Breakfast Club.

How many children does Jess Hilarious have?

Jess Hilarious, a comedian recognised for her honest and daring approach to humour, is also a dedicated mother to her 11-year-old son, Ashton Amar James.

Ashton was born in 2012 as the product of Jess’ previous relationship with his father, Gerome. Despite their breakup shortly after Ashton’s birth, Jess and Gerome have successfully handled co-parenting, taking a friendly and helpful approach to raising their son.

Who is Jess’s Kid’s Father?

Jess Hilarious has kept the identity of her son’s father a secret. But it is known that his name is Gerome, and they split up shortly after the birth of their son, Ashton Amar James, in 2012.

Gerome and Jess are now coparenting and getting along nicely. In 2022, they launched a YouTube show called Co-Parenting Therapy. In it, they discussed how they intended to maintain their friendship and “unbreakable bond” with their child.

Jess’s Hilarious Past Relationships

Jess Hilarious has been in multiple public romances. In 2019, she revealed her relationship with fellow comic Kountry Wayne. They were frequently seen together, discussing their experiences on social media channels.

Jess’s Hilarious Past Relationships

However, their romance ended amicably after a few months, with both parties declaring their continuing support and friendship to one another. In 2018, she was in a relationship with Chris, and rumours circulated that she would date her best friend, Ms Goode Morning, in 2020.

She has also been linked to Daniel Parsons in recent years. They began dating in early 2021 and are in a serious relationship. However, as of 2023, there has been no formal confirmation or public revelation of her current relationship status.

Jess Hilarious Net Worth

Jess Hilarious has a net worth of roughly $1 million. She has built a successful career as a multidimensional entertainer, with her main source of income coming from her success in the comedy sector.

She first rose to notoriety by utilising social media sites such as Instagram, where she shared humorous sketches and pieces that resonated with a large audience.

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