Is Ian Garry Married? Everything You Need to Know About the UFC Star and His Wife

Is Ian Garry Married
Is Ian Garry Married

Ian Garry is one of the most promising welterweight prospects in the UFC. The 26-year-old Irish boxer has a 13-0 record and is scheduled to meet Vicente Luque at UFC 296 on December 16, 2023.

But who is the rising star’s mother? Everything you need to know about Ian Garry and his wife, Layla Anna-Lee, is right here.

Who is Layla Anna-Lee?

Layla Anna-Lee is a 40-year-old British television personality who focuses on sports and football (soccer). She has worked for Sky Sports, ESPN, BT Sports, UFC Connected, and Cage Warriors, among others. She is also a social media influencer, with over 300,000 Instagram followers.


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How did Ian Garry and Layla Anna-Lee Meet?

During Ian Garry’s stay at Cage Warriors in 2021, he began dating Layla Anna-Lee. She has been a loyal supporter of his career, attending Cage Warriors 125 in June 2021 to witness his first professional championship win. Layla is a blue belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and the couple both enjoy martial arts.

When did Ian Garry and Layla Anna-Lee get Married?

On February 26, 2022, Ian Garry and Layla Anna-Lee married in a surprise Las Vegas wedding. An Elvis impersonator officiated the couple’s marriage in the Graceland Wedding Chapel after they eloped to Sin City. They announced the news on social media, including photos of their wedding bands and clothing.

Ian Garry Net Worth

Machado, Ian Garry, the 26-year-old Irish UFC Welterweight fighter, is worth $1 million as of December 2023. Garry’s base UFC salary is $50,000, which he earns mostly through his MMA career and the iPlaySafe software endorsement. Notably, he got a $50,000 bonus for his victory over Neil Magny at UFC 292.

While estimates imply that his net worth is between $1 million and $2 million, actual details are unknown. Garry lives in Dublin, Ireland, but his specific address is kept confidential for security concerns. There is little information known about his philanthropic activities and automobile collection.

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Do Ian Garry and Layla Anna-Lee have any children?

In October 2022, Ian Garry and Layla Anna-Lee had their first child, a son. They called him Leo Garry and shared his birth on Instagram, referring to him as their “little lion.” The couple frequently shares gorgeous images and videos of their baby boy on social media, demonstrating their love and happiness as a family.

What is the controversy surrounding Layla Anna-Lee’s book ‘How to be a WAG’?

Layla Anna-Lee wrote the book ‘How to Be a WAG,’ which was released in 2010. The book bills itself as “the ultimate guide to catching the man of your dreams” and provides advice to women who wish to romance famous athletes.

Some members of the MMA world have condemned the book, accusing Layla of teaching young women how to mislead athletes into relationships. They also questioned her marriage to Ian Garry, citing their age gap and claims that her ex-husband, nutritionist Richard Cullen, lived with them.

Layla Anna-Lee, on the other hand, has defended her work, claiming that it was a parody and a joke created during the 2010 FIFA World Cup when the word ‘WAG’ became famous.

She also denied that her ex-husband lives with them, claiming that he is a wonderful friend and co-parent to their prior relationship’s daughter. Ian Garry has also spoken out in support of his wife, claiming that he loves her and that their marriage is genuine. He has reportedly threatened legal action against anyone who makes disparaging remarks about his wife.


Ian Garry and Layla Anna-Lee are a happy couple who have overcome the challenges and criticisms of their relationship. They are both successful in their respective fields, and they support each other’s dreams and goals. They are also proud parents of their son Leo, who is their biggest joy. Ian Garry and Layla Anna-Lee are proof that love knows no bounds and that age is just a number.

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