Is Hillary Vaughn Pregnant Again or Just Fans Rumors?

Is Hillary Vaughn Pregnant Again
Is Hillary Vaughn Pregnant Again

Is Hillary Vaughn Pregnant again? Hillary Vaughn, a FOX Business Network reporter, is accustomed to dealing with difficult situations, having covered everything from political campaigns to corporate legal concerns. However, experiencing breaking news is a very different experience.

Hillary was about to give birth to her daughter, Bridget Blake Doocy, in February 2023, when she found herself in a position that may have made the local news. Vaughn, the wife of Fox News contributor Peter Doocy, told People that she went into labor in a less than optimal location.

Her water broke as she was on her way to work on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. Fortunately, she used her reporting abilities and connections to locate someone with medical experience. Read on to find out more about what happened.

Is Hillary Vaughn Pregnant Again?

No, Hillary Vaughn isn’t currently pregnant. However, the Fox News pair welcomed their daughter on February 1, 2023, most likely at their preferred hospital in Virginia, avoiding any automobile delivery controversy.


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Hillary Vaughn’s coworkers would not have been surprised when she went into labor on her way to work. She worked until her due date, which was originally scheduled for January, and possibly a little longer. Despite her pregnancy, she continued to address vital issues.

Vaughn was very pregnant as she reported on the presidential election in November 2022. She looked stunning in her trendy coats and sweaters as she discussed developments in New Hampshire. She mentioned to people: “I’m blessed to say this is my fourth election cycle with FOX, but for the first time I’m reporting — for two!”

Although her daughter Bridget Blake Doocy was not physically present, Vaughn stated: “My daughter has a front-row seat to history.”

As an expectant mother, she altered her reporting lifestyle, replacing caffeinated drinks with more water and attempting to eat healthily while traveling and staying in hotels.

Hillary Vaughn’s Marriage

Hillary Vaughn is blissfully married to Peter Doocy, a well-known Fox News correspondent who reports from the White House. They married in 2021, beginning a new chapter in their life full of love and respect for one another.

The couple recently had their first child, a daughter called Bridget Blake Doocy, making their family even more wonderful.

Hillary and Peter’s relationship exemplifies a wonderful balance of professional achievement and personal happiness since they both love journalism and have a strong devotion to each other.

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