Eugenia Cooney Surprising Pregnancy Announcement: Prank or Truth?

Is Eugenia Cooney Pregnant
Is Eugenia Cooney Pregnant

People are wondering if Eugenia Cooney, a well-known internet personality, is really pregnant. On August 15, 2023, she surprised everyone with a YouTube video where she said she was expecting a child with Jeffrey. But because Eugenia has a history of controversies and pranks, some are unsure if this is true or just another internet stunt. We’ll look into her health in 2023, talk about her pregnancy announcement, and see how her fans are reacting in this article.

Is Eugenia Cooney Pregnant?

There were some rumours about Eugenia Cooney, a famous YouTuber and social media star, possibly being pregnant. In August 2023, she surprised her fans with a video where she said she looked “6 months pregnant” and mentioned Jeffrey as the baby’s father. However, she later admitted it was just a prank and that she was not really expecting a baby.

Is Eugenia Cooney Pregnant
Is Eugenia Cooney Pregnant

This news shocked many of her fans, but it’s important to note that there hasn’t been any official confirmation of her pregnancy. Some people are doubtful because Eugenia has a history of online pranks and controversies. Her health has been a concern for her fans, especially because she’s been open about her struggle with an eating disorder.

In short, there were rumours about Eugenia Cooney being pregnant, but she clarified that it was a joke and not true. Her health situation has been closely watched by her fans, and this pregnancy news added to the discussion within her online community. Until more information comes out, we can’t be sure about the truth of this revelation.

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Who is Eugenia Cooney?

Eugenia Cooney is a famous YouTuber and internet personality from the USA. She’s well-known for her unique style and her YouTube videos. On her channel, she shares various things like trying on clothes, talking about makeup, dressing up in fun outfits, and showing her everyday life. Many people enjoy watching her because she’s very honest and open about her life, including her struggles with an eating disorder called anorexia nervosa.


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Eugenia started making videos in 2011, and now she has over 2 million subscribers who follow her to see what she’s doing. Besides YouTube, she also does live streams on a platform called Twitch, where she has a lot of fans. Despite facing some challenges, Eugenia Cooney keeps inspiring and entertaining her online community with her unique content and her journey toward a healthier life.

Eugenia Cooney Age

In 2023, Eugenia Cooney is 29 years old. She was born on July 27, 1994, in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA. Eugenia is famous on the internet for her YouTube videos and her unique style.

How Much Does Eugenia Cooney Weigh?

Eugenia Cooney is a YouTuber and internet personality known for her very slim appearance and emo style. Her weight has caused concern, and many have suspected she has an eating disorder. Eugenia has openly discussed her battle with anorexia and has sought professional help in the past.

Some sources claim she weighed a healthy 39 kg (86 lbs) as of December 2021. However, this info might not be accurate or current, as Eugenia hasn’t confirmed her recent weight or height publicly. Other sources provide different estimates, ranging from 36 kg (79 lbs) to 38 kg (84 lbs). So, it’s hard to pinpoint Eugenia Cooney’s exact weight because it might have changed over time.

Eugenia Cooney Career

Eugenia Cooney’s job is all about making stuff for the internet, especially on YouTube and Twitch. She began her online adventure in 2011, first doing live videos on YouNow. Later that year, she made her own YouTube channel. On there, she shares all sorts of things like fashion stuff, makeup how-tos, showing off costumes, and giving a peek into her daily life.

As time passed, she gathered a big group of fans, with more than 2 million subscribers on YouTube. Besides YouTube, Eugenia also does live videos on Twitch, starting in 2018. On Twitch, she’s got over 400,000 followers as of August 2022.


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People like her because she’s got a unique style – kind of gothic and emo – and she’s very open and honest. Even though she’s faced some challenges along the way, Eugenia Cooney’s career shows that she can handle it and connect with her fans through all the different stuff she shares online.

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Eugenia Cooney Health

Eugenia Cooney’s health has been a big topic among her online fans. She’s been open about her struggle with an eating disorder, and people on social media have been keeping a close eye on how she’s doing.

In early 2019, things got more concerning when she started posting less online. She shared on Twitter that she needed to take a break to see her doctor privately. Her followers had mixed feelings of relief and worry because they cared about her.

Her health got checked out by medical experts, and because a friend was concerned, she was put under something called a “5150 hold” and went into a treatment program for about a month. During this tough time, the internet wondered about her health and if she would get better. People online still want to know how she’s doing and hope for updates on her well-being. To know more details relating to celebrities’ pregnancy or relationship details you can join us on our Twitter account.

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