Is Elizabeth Banks Pregnant? The Truth About Her Pregnancy Rumors

Is Elizabeth Banks Pregnant?
Is Elizabeth Banks Pregnant?

Is Elizabeth Banks expecting a child? If you’ve been reading the latest news, you may have come across rumors concerning the talented American actress and filmmaker Elizabeth Banks.

Banks has made a name for herself in the entertainment sector because of her parts in The Hunger Games and the Pitch Perfect series.

In addition to her on-screen abilities, she directed Pitch Perfect 2, Charlie’s Angels, and the intriguingly titled Cocaine Bear in 2023.

Banks, who co-founded Brownstone Productions with her husband in 2002, has made waves both in front of and behind the camera. The internet buzz now suggests that a new chapter in Banks’ life is unfolding—pregnancy rumors are making the rounds.

So, what exactly is Elizabeth Banks expecting? Let’s get into the specifics and separate fact from fiction in Banks’ life story.

Is Elizabeth Banks Pregnant?

No, Elizabeth Banks is not expecting a child. As of now, it appears that the reports about Elizabeth Banks’ pregnancy are simply false. Despite the widespread suspicion, there is a dearth of convincing proof to back up the assertions.

A thorough browse through her recent Instagram postings reveals no apparent baby belly or any indicators of an anticipated addition to her family.

Is Elizabeth Banks pregnant?

To add to the confusion, the 49-year-old actress and filmmaker has made no official statements about a pregnancy. In the absence of definite facts and given Banks’ silence on the subject, it is safe to assume she is not pregnant at this time.

In a day where personal news typically breaks quickly on social media, the absence of such a revelation from the Hollywood icon lends credence to the thought that the speculations are, for the time being, just that—speculations.


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So we can put those pregnancy rumors to rest and continue to praise Elizabeth Banks for her contributions to the entertainment business.

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Who Is Elizabeth Banks Married To?

Elizabeth Banks is happily married to Max Handelman, her long-term companion. Elizabeth Banks has a happy and long-lasting relationship with her long-term companion, Max Handelman.

The actress-filmmaker initially met Handelman in 1993, when they were both students at the University of Pennsylvania. Their marriage in July 2003 sealed their college sweetheart status after a decade of love and shared experiences.

Banks expressed enormous delight in their surviving marriage in a 2019 interview with Porter, highlighting the necessity of maturing together as a pair.

She commented on the decisions they made to keep in touch, saying, “We were constantly making decisions that kept us close.” Unlike some, banks do not regard marriage as a backup plan. “You’ve committed. “Do you value it, or do you not?” she said.

Their family expanded when they had their first son, Felix, through surrogacy in 2011, and then their second son, Magnus Mitchell, the following year.

Aside from their family lives, Banks and Handelman work professionally together, co-owning a film and television production firm. Their shared journey, which stands out for its love, devotion, and joint ventures, continues to serve as an inspiration.

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