Is Charlotte Crosby Pregnant? A Look at Her Family Plans

Is Charlotte Crosby Pregnant
Is Charlotte Crosby Pregnant

Is Charlotte Crosby expecting a child? Charlotte Crosby has recently been incredibly busy due to her engagement. Her boyfriend, Jake Ankers, had a grand proposal planned for her when they were in Dubai.

Charlotte in Sunderland, her reality program, is now on BBC Three, and she spoke to Mail Online about her engagement and plans.

Even though she was recently engaged, Charlotte stated that they would not marry right away. Instead, she astonished everyone by announcing that she and her husband had decided to have another child first. She revealed:

“Having another baby was my top priority, not getting married.” I don’t think we’ll get married for another three years, which is something I’ve always desired.”

Charlotte, who appeared on Geordie Shore, stated that she wants to be pregnant with her third child before filming the new season of Charlotte in Sunderland begins. So it appears that more exciting things are on the way for her!

Is Charlotte Crosby Pregnant?

Charlotte Crosby is not expecting a child. She did, however, become a mother for the first time last year to a girl named Alba Jean.

Charlotte is now delighted to have another child, even if it means postponing her wedding preparations. Closer obtained unparalleled access to the 33-year-old:

“I’ve decided that children are much more important than an engagement because of the biological clock. You can get engaged or married at any point and it will still be amazing. Baby number two will come before I see a ring, hopefully!”

Reality Star Reveals Her Past Pregnancy!

Charlotte, who rose to fame on Geordie Shore over a decade ago, has always expressed her desire to have children.

Is Charlotte Crosby Pregnant?

Tragically, she suffered in 2016. She had a dangerously misplaced pregnancy and needed immediate surgery. Doctors warned her she may have perished.

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Charlotte Crosby’s Relationship Status

Charlotte Crosby has had romances with Stephen Bear, Joshua Ritchie, and Liam Beaumont, among others. However, in November 2021, she met businessman Jake Anker.

They initially met in 2015 and then again in 2021, and they began attempting to conceive a child soon after. Charlotte discovered she was pregnant in February 2022. Charlotte initially planned to marry by the end of 2023 after having their child, Alba, in October 2022.

She later changed her mind and is now intent on having more children. She hopes to have another girl and then a boy, possibly a footballer, because Jake enjoys football.

Charlotte, best known for her reality show ‘Charlotte in Sunderland,’ has completed production for its second season. In the first season, the show documented her pregnancy and the gender reveal. Her journey as a first-time mother is chronicled in the new series.

Charlotte and Jake discuss how things have changed since Alba came and arrange a much-needed date night in one episode. Charlotte recommends experimenting in the bedroom, but Jake is unfamiliar with the concept.

Charlotte agrees that they still have a healthy relationship, albeit with less intimacy than before having a child. Jake’s flexibility is a limitation, so she laughs about trying Kama Sutra poses. Despite her wild side on ‘Geordie Shore,’ Charlotte’s main concern now is becoming a mother to tiny Alba.

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