Is Carrot Top Gay? Rumours Fly About Comedian’s Androgynous Clothing!

Is Carrot Top Gay
Is Carrot Top Gay

Is Carrot Top gay? Few names shine brighter in the world of stand-up comedy than Scott Thompson, also known as Carrot Top on stage.

Carrot Top, known for his inventive use of prop comedy, has become a household brand and an institution in the entertainment world.

However, like with many public celebrities, curiosity frequently extends beyond the stage, prompting questions about their personal lives.

Carrot Top’s s*xual orientation has sparked debate on the internet, with fans wondering if he is gay. In this essay, we will look into the reality behind these rumors as well as the comedian’s perspective on romantic relationships.

So, for those keen to solve the mystery, join us on a trip to learn the truth behind Carrot Top’s love tendencies.

Is Carrot Top Gay?

No, Carrot Top isn’t gay. Carrot Top, aka Scott Thompson, has been the subject of much debate about his s*xuality, with some claiming he is gay.

The comedian’s androgynous clothing style and occasional use of cosmetics have added to the misperception, as has his decision not to openly discuss his s*xual orientation. A video on his Instagram containing a Pride armband only contributed to the rumors.

Is Carrot Top Gay?

It’s worth mentioning that Carrot Top’s appearance has changed over the years as a result of operations and facelifts, giving him a more feminine appearance that has fanned speculation about his s*xual identity.

In a 2015 interview with Las Vegas Magazine, Carrot Top addressed the lingering rumors, admitting that some comments about his appearance and s*xuality stung a little, but he brushed them off with his characteristic self-deprecating humor, saying:

“People say, ‘Carrot Top is gay’ or ‘Carrot Top got a facelift.’ Would I look better with a facelift? Or ‘Carrot Top does drugs.’ It’s so absurd and people say to me, ‘That hurts your feelings, right?’ Some of it does. But I’m a big fan of self-deprecating humor; that’s my whole thing.”

Despite continuous speculation, Carrot Top has only dated women in the past, removing any concerns regarding his s*xual orientation.

So, while the rumors continue, his dating history speaks louder than gossip when it comes to determining his true s*xual orientation.

Who Is Carrot Top Currently Dating?

Carrot Top has reportedly been dating Amanda Hogan, his long-term girlfriend, since 2014. Amanda, who was born in August 1983, is more than just his typical partner; she is a successful entrepreneur.

Amanda, the proprietor of Any Thyme Catering, a catering and event planning company, has demonstrated her ability to create unforgettable events.

Carrot Top

In addition, she has an Etsy site where she sells pottery and handmade dinnerware. Despite Carrot Top’s popularity and exposure, the couple has kept their relationship very quiet.

Details regarding their personal lives are scant, but they likely met in Las Vegas, where Amanda’s company is currently based. With Carrot Top’s comedic stage persona and Amanda’s entrepreneurial ambition, it appears like they’ve discovered a happy medium, even if the public doesn’t get to witness their love story firsthand.

Carrot Top Net Worth

Carrot Top is a comedian and actor from the United States who is worth $70 million. Carrot Top is well-known for his use of props in comedy, his self-deprecating humour, and his bright red hair. He is one of the highest-paid and most successful Las Vegas comedians.

Since 2005, he has been the primary attraction at the Las Vegas Luxor Hotel. He got a new contract in October 2019, which will keep him at the Luxor until 2025. When that happens, he will have the longest-running comedy program in MGM’s history.

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