Iggy Azalea: “My priorities are work and not love.”

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On Valentine’s Day, Iggy Azalea intends to concentrate on her professional objectives (14.02.23).

Iggy, a 32-year-old rap singer, says she will “skip the roses” on Tuesday in order to focus on her enterprises. Iggy is currently unmarried.

Iggy, who was born in Australia but later immigrated to the US as a teenager, posted on Twitter: “Since this year is all about making money and nothing else, I’m incredibly excited to have a business meeting on Valentine’s Day.

Skip the roses for the time being (sic).

Iggy recently claimed, though, that she won’t make her earnings from OnlyFans publicly known. The singer of the hit song “Work” denied rumors that she earned more than $300,000 in her first 24 hours on the platform.

Iggy, who shares three-year-old Onyx with her ex-boyfriend Playboi Carti, said: “I love you.” “In the same manner that I didn’t share the money I made from selling my music catalog, I won’t share the money I make on OF. (sic)”

Iggy, meantime, declared in 2021 that she was taking a “few years” off from music to concentrate on “other creative ventures.” The rapper later announced on Twitter that she was making a comeback.

Iggy, who has dated people like basketball player Nick Young and rapper ASAP Rocky in the past, posted the following statement online: “A year ago I was ready to walk away from music because I was tired of the bad energy it attracted.

But I’ve discovered that even when I’m minding my own thing, y’all are going to be critical AND nosy.

In that case, you cannot have peace if I cannot.

“I’m returning. Weep about it. (sic)”

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