Who Is Alex Rodriguez Dating 2023: Fans Rumored That Alex Rodriguez’s Dating Kathryne Padgett

who is alex rodriguez dating
who is alex rodriguez dating

At the Green Bay Packers vs. San Francisco 49ers game on January 23, former professional baseball star Alex Rodriguez (A-Rod) was sighted with his suspected new girlfriend. The two wore Packer beanies while cheering on the team on Saturday night.

In their broadcast, Fox Sports included A-Rod and the woman. Later, Sports Illustrated tweeted a video of Alex Rodriguez and a friend cheering on the Wisconsin squad in the bitter weather.

According to the insider, Rodriguez has had a difficult time finding love. “It’s difficult for him to date because he’s in the spotlight,” the source said, adding that reports about his romantic life are frequently just that: rumors! Is it feasible that Rodriguez has moved on from one of his reputed flames? Continue reading to find out what we know so far.

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Who Is Alex Rodriguez Dating?

Former MLB slugger Alex Rodriguez made his relationship with 42-year-old fitness expert and licensed nurse Jac Cordeiro’s Instagram public.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Rodriguez and Cordeiro had been rumored to be dating since October after being spotted together in New York City.

At a local Christmas celebration, Rodriguez, 47, shared a photo of himself with Cordeiro and his two children, Nastaha and Ella.

“A-Rod is single and enjoying life,” a separate source told Page Six on January 24, 2022, confirming the insider’s assertions. “It’s not like she’s his girlfriend,” the insider said of Padgett. They traveled to Green Bay, Wisconsin, and then to Minnesota. He doesn’t have a girlfriend. He’s a lone wolf.”

Rodriguez’s dating status has sparked speculation less than a year after he and his ex-fiancée called it quits. A-Rod and J-Lo started dating in 2017, and two years later, they announced their engagement. Following suspicions that the former New York Yankee had strayed on the Hustlers star, the couple called off their meeting in April 2021.

“We have learned we are best as friends and look forward to continuing so,” the former couple wrote in a joint statement at the time, announcing their split. We’ll continue collaborating and supporting one another on our joint ventures and projects. We all want the best for one another and our children. The only thing we have to say is thank you to everyone who offered warm words and support out of respect for them.”

J-Lo reconnected with Affleck, whom she dated from 2001 to 2003, shortly after their breakup. They announced their relationship in July 2021, and two months later, they made their red carpet-debut.

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What is known about Kathryn Padgett, the rumored girlfriend of Alex Rodriguez?

According to her Instagram, Kathryne Padgett is a nutrition expert who acts as the nutritional director of Doyle Sports Performance in Georgia. 2019 marks Padgett’s graduation from the University of St. Thomas. Her Facebook page indicates that she currently resides in Beaumont, Texas.

Padgett mentioned in her Instagram bio that she would become a registered dietitian nutritionist. This implies that the Texas native may currently be enrolled in a nutrition-related course or program.

Kathryne Padgett is an amateur bodybuilder who made her national debut at the NPC Branch Warren Classic in Texas in 2021. She participated in the bikini division at the tournament and placed eighth in category C. She also won the “Wellness” class B and “genuine novice” classes for the same category.

As suggested by her social media post, Padgett is one of her parents’ twins and is 25 years old. According to reports, she was born on October 13, 1997. She played soccer for the St. Thomas University Women’s Soccer team. She was awarded ‘Champions of Character’ in 2018 for her contribution as a gamer.

She is also affiliated with Vital Apparel and promotes the business frequently through her social media accounts. Padgett has over 7,000 Instagram followers and enables fitness businesses like Alchemy Labs on the platform.

Before her alleged romance with Alex Rodriguez (46), Kathryne Padgett dated Houston Robert and then Tyler Sheppard, a Chemical Engineer, and Lamar University alum, until 2021.

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Scroll below to meet Rodriguez’s new love:

1. When were Alex Rodriguez and Jaclyn Cordeiro first connected?

Photos obtained by Daily Mail show that the new couple was first seen together on Monday, October 17, in Beverly Hills.

2. What Is Jaclyn Cordeiro’s Profession?

Cordeiro is a nurse who works as a fitness model and has started her “JacFit” workout regimen.

3. Has Jaclyn Cordeiro Got Children?

Two girls from a previous relationship were raised by the University of Windsor alumna alone.

4. What Attracted Jaclyn Cordeiro to the Fitness Industry?

In January, Cordeiro told Oxygen magazine, “[When] I entered the world of weight lifting, I immediately fell in love.” “This newfound passion kept me focused on my life goals and got me through the hardship of nursing school.”

Five months after giving birth to her first kid, the fitness influencer attended her first bodybuilding competition after completing her nursing training. She told the magazine, “I figured there was no better way to get my ‘pre-baby’ body back.” As a bikini fitness CPA plant-based athlete, I “decided to compete again and compete for three more times in the natural division.”

5. Do Jaclyn Cordeiro’s daughters participate in her wellness programs?

Being a transformation expert coach, fitness model, fitness writer, and influencer in the fitness industry can be a highly taxing job, Cordeiro told Oxygen. However, it’s not as tricky as being the only mother of two young kids. I involve them in my training because I want them to understand how much effort and commitment it takes to succeed. My daughters can comprehend and respect what I do as a lifestyle by being exposed to the entire process.

We have discussions about all the components of fitness, she continued. We discuss the distinction between being lean and weak and fit. I make it a point to inform them of all the advantages and disadvantages of fitness and to support their development of insight.


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