Hazel Mccallion Obituary And Death: How Did Former Mississauga Mayor Die?

Hazel Mccallion Obituary
Hazel Mccallion Obituary

Hazel Mccallion was a well-known Canadian entrepreneur and politician who served as the fifth mayor of Mississauga, which is located in the province of Ontario.

The illustrious politician known as “Hurricane Hazel” McCallion, who passed away at the age of 10 on January 29, 2023, was responsible for transforming Mississauga from a collection of rural townships into one of the most populous cities in Canada in the course of more than half a century.

After being elected mayor in 1987, the Businesswoman held the position until her retirement in 2014, making her the longest-serving mayor in the city’s history. She had served for a total of 36 years at the time of her retirement in 2014. When asked about her path, the renowned Leader revealed that she had won recognition in twelve different municipal elections, been acclaimed twice, and been re-elected ten times. In this article, you can read about the Hazel Mccallion’s Obituary.

Hazel Mccallion Obituary And Death

Hurricane Hazel died at the age of 101. Hazel’s death was confirmed by Ontario Premier Doug Ford; she died on Sunday morning, January 29, 2023, at her home. Following Hazel’s death, Ontario Premier Doug Ford issued a statement in which he stated that she was the epitome of a public servant and that he felt privileged to be included in her buddy group.

Hazel Mccallion Obituary
Hazel Mccallion Obituary

Her friend, Doug Ford, expressed her sympathies to Hazel’s family, particularly her children Peter, Linda, and Paul, following the mayor’s death. Hazel’s fans dubbed her “Hurricane Hazel” because of her outspoken political manner, which alluded to the 1954 Hurricane. After taking decisive action after an explosive train crash in 1979, admirers compared the politician to a cyclone.

How Did Former Mississauga Mayor Die?

The former Mississauga mayor died on January 29, 2023, at the age of 101. Hazel, the first female mayor, earned a first name among all Canadian mayors.

According to the CBC, the previous mayor’s longevity was due to her prowess as a retail politician, as she rarely missed a local fiesta or her council control.

After a threat of chlorine turning hazardous in the atmosphere arose, Hazel pushed a large-scale evacuation and pressed the rail company and the federal government for answers and action.

Hazel Mccallion Illness: Was She Sick?

The mayor, who was 101 years old, passed away as a result of old age. In spite of the fact that she had hurt her ankle, Hazel reportedly kept the media informed during the entire week-long incident by holding press conferences and providing briefing updates.

Here is a tweet about Hazel McCallion, who transformed Mississauga during her 36-year tenure as mayor, and died at 101.

Valentine’s Day was Valentine’s Day for Hazel, who celebrated her 90th birthday in a heart hospital. In 1964, Hazel and her husband established The Streetsville Booster, which they did before Hazel entered politics.

On the morning of January 29, 2023, tributes continued to flood in for the politician, including one from the Mayor of Toronto, John Tory, who stated that he had a conversation with her in the previous weeks.

Hazel Mccallion Career

During her tenure as judge, the politician established an agenda that made it possible for developers to conduct business anywhere in Mississauga, not just on land that was located adjacent to existing neighborhoods. In addition, during her tenure as a legislator, the mythical figure paid levies, contributed to the establishment of libraries, arenas, and community centers, and rebuked those who referred to her as the “Queen of Sprawl.”

Even after she retired, Hazel did not put an end to Hurricane Hazel’s public persona; she appeared in public on multiple occasions, including at her 100th birthday party.

Hazel Mccallion Obituary
Hazel Mccallion Obituary

The politician was appointed to serve as the first chancellor of Sheridan College for a period of three years.
After serving as mayor of Mississauga for 36 years, the politician left behind a legacy that was unparalleled in the seventh largest city in Canada. The former mayor declined to accept a formal appointment as a special adviser at a salary of $150,000.

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