Graham Elliot Weight Loss: American Chef Transformation And Weight Loss!

graham elliot weight loss
graham elliot weight loss

Graham Elliot‘s recent dramatic weight loss may have inspired his fans to change for the better, but many have been wondering what the secret is behind the change. Reportedly, the American chef, restaurateur, and reality TV star lost a huge 150 pounds in a short amount of time.

Graham Elliot Bowles is a chef who grew up in Seattle. He became well-known because of cooking shows like Iron Chef and Top Chef Master. Elliot made an even bigger name for himself when he became a judge on MasterChef and MasterChef Junior. Here’s a look at how Graham lost a lot of weight.

On MasterChef, Graham Elliot Lost How Much Weight?

Graham Elliot loses almost 150 pounds. Check out how amazing he looks now! Meet Graham Elliot, the amazing shrinker! Nine months after having a sleeve gastrectomy at the University of Chicago Medical Center, the judge on MasterChef and well-known chef have lost a huge 147 lbs.

Elliot Lost 150 Pounds By Doing What?

Most people take years to lose that much weight, but Graham did it in just a few months. And, yes, you guessed it, the Master Chef had a sleeve gastrectomy to lose a huge amount of weight. Elliot used to weigh 400 pounds before he had surgery.

Graham says that even though his life seemed successful and perfect, he was at risk of having serious health problems. Elliot had already taken the first step toward a healthier life a long time ago, but nothing much had changed. The chef says he was afraid for his life and thought that if he lost weight, he would live long enough to see his sons grow up.

Elliot had surgery at the University of Chicago Medical Center in July 2013 that changed his life. Over time, he lost 147 lbs. The 44-year-old chef said that seeing his three boys proud was the best thing about his surgery and change.

He can remember that his son told his friends, “My dad is the one who runs the fastest. He can win a race against us.” Graham says it was a great feeling. Graham weighs about 253 lbs. now. But the surgery wasn’t the end of his weight loss journey, says the chef. He had to work hard to keep the weight off after the surgery.

Elliot’s Journey After Gastric Sleeve Surgery!

After surgery, the food lover lost 47 pounds in just nine months. Elliot had to fight twice as hard against temptations because of what he did for a living, but he says he had to do it for his family. Elliot ran his first 5k marathon in November of that year. He did it because chef Gordon Ramsay told him to.

He told People that the surgery was just the beginning of a healthier life in the long run. The chef said that he stopped eating fatty foods and switched to eating foods that give him energy instead. Graham also went to the gym every other day and said he can now run up to 5 miles.

Elliot says that he has become a better person. “I’m more direct, but in a good way,” the chief said. Elliot recently put a picture of himself from the past on Instagram. With the caption, “A flashback to when I weighed the most. I’ve struggled with my weight my whole life. And it keeps going on. It’s time to get back on the path.

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How Much Does Graham Elliot Currently Weight?

The 41-year-old chef, who used to weigh 400 pounds, dropped to a shocking 253 pounds.

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