Is Adelle Caballero Pregnant? The Truth Behind Her Pregnancy

Is Adelle Caballero Pregnant?
Is Adelle Caballero Pregnant?

Is Adelle Caballero pregnant? Adelle Caballero, the experienced traffic anchor for NBC 4 New York’s Today in New York, has become a familiar face among commuters looking for up-to-date traffic information.

Caballero’s career in broadcasting spans two decades, taking her from NY1 to News 12 and Clear Channel Media + Entertainment before landing at NBC’s main TV station in February 2022.

According to her NBC 4 New York page, she is a proud “lifelong resident” of New York and New Jersey who is not only committed to providing factual traffic updates but is also passionately involved in her neighbourhood.

Despite her professional achievements, current rumours on the internet imply that Caballero may be expecting. In this article, we will look into the truth behind these rumours and the present pregnant status of this successful writer.

Is Adelle Caballero Pregnant?

Yes, Adelle Caballero is pregnant. Adelle Caballero, NBC 4 New York’s famed traffic anchor, is expecting some exciting news.

Caballero took to Instagram on January 1, 2024, to reveal the happy news that she is expecting her second child.

In a lovely post, she included a photo of The Good Times newspaper with the heading “Baby #2 Coming Soon,” which shared the news creatively and beautifully.

To add to the pleasure, Caballero revealed that the baby is expected in June, making it a unique summer blessing for the journalist and family.

Caballero accompanied the announcement with a beautiful caption: “Cheers to 2024!”

The message quickly drew positive feedback from her followers, with one saying, “So pleased for you! “I love this news-themed announcement .” The poignant replies emphasise Caballero’s audience’s shared happiness and support as she begins this new chapter of motherhood.

Is Adelle Caballero Married?

Yes, Adelle Caballero is happily married to Brian. They’ve been documenting their happy journey on Instagram, sharing adorable family photos that capture the warmth of their love.

The couple exchanged vows in 2017, committing to a lifetime together. Their family expanded with the arrival of their son, Aryson Brice, whose joyful Twitter account chronicled his entry into the world.

She expressed her gratitude for the support she received during her pregnancy and her excitement about their impending arrival in a moving statement that included images of her expanding belly.

Aryson made his appearance on April 24, 2019, bringing great joy to the couple. Adelle couldn’t contain her enthusiasm as she announced the birth of their baby boy on Instagram, announcing the name Aryson Brice.

Despite the unexpected twists of missing her last day of work and a surprise baby shower, Adelle said that the experience was completely worth it.

The couple thanked the prenatal and postnatal teams at NYU Langone for their assistance during this memorable time. Adelle Caballero’s path into parenthood exemplifies the joy and love that define her family life.

Adelle Caballero Career

Adelle Caballero’s media career has been profound, beginning as a traffic reporter for News 12 Traffic & Weather before making her mark at NY1. Adelle’s competence is clear from her work at Total Traffic, where she created reports for Clear Channel radio stations.

Her devotion extends to efforts targeting human trafficking, mental health, homelessness, and food insecurity. Adelle, a Pennsylvania State University graduate, lives in New Jersey and speaks Tagalog fluently. She has a wide range of interests.

Since joining NY1 in 2010, she has taken an active role in managing New York City’s rush hour turmoil, offering timely traffic reports every fifteen minutes and embracing impromptu live broadcasts without a teleprompter, demonstrating her commitment to effective and honest news coverage.

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