Is Erica Mena Married? Age, Net Worth, Her Face Before Surgery!

erica mena
erica mena

Erica Jasmin Mena, born November 8, 1987, is an American television personality and former model and video vixen. She is best known for her appearances on “Love & Hip Hop: New York.” We’ll celebrate her birthday with exciting insights into her life right here.

Erica Mena Age

The Bronx is a neighborhood in New York City in the state of New York. She is a mix of Puerto Rican and Dominican descent. She is 36 years old now, having been born on November 8, 1987.

Erica has always been interested in models. As for her early life and youth, nothing is known about them. In the same way, she hasn’t said anything about her schoolwork or achievements up until now. She has 7 million follower on her Instagram.


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Erica Mena’s Net Worth

Erica Mena is a model, an actor, and a celebrity on reality television, which is how she made her riches. She has gained a significant amount of notoriety as a result of her participation in the reality shows Love & Hip Hop: New York and Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. According to the website, the sum of money that she currently possesses is roughly one million dollars.

Is Erica Mena Married?

Erica Mena is not married at the moment. She has been married twice before. Raul Conde, a rapper and video director, was her first husband. They were married from 2007 to 2010. They had one boy together. In 2007, King Javien Conde was born.

In the past, Raul Conde was married to Erica Mena. Mena married Safaree Samuels, a rapper and TV star, for the second time from 2019 to 2021. A girl was born in 2020 and a son in 2021 while they were together.

The second husband of Erica Mena is Safaree Samuels. A woman named Mena and Samuels asked for a divorce in May 2021. The divorce was completed in September 2022. Mena hasn’t been linked to anyone else in public since then, and she hasn’t said she wants to get married again.

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Erica Mena Before Surgery

In 2016, Erica Mena underwent plastic surgery. She began with breast augmentation surgery, which entails the placement of silicone implants just to increase the size of her bre@st. Surprisingly, the actress decided to have the implant removed within the same year since she was unhappy with her decision.

Her quest for physical perfection did not end there. Her physical modification took place, and her fans were outraged. Erica suddenly acknowledged her butt enlargement treatment in public. Following that, there were discussions about how she and other people who use body enhancement could allow it to interfere with their natural beauty.

During a disagreement, the actress and model shouted a racist slur toward Spice, one of America’s biggest celebrities, according to a video that went viral on social media.

erica mena
erica mena

Conclusion: Erica Jasmin Mena, who was born on November 8, 1987, is a television personality and former model best known for her performances in “Love & Hip Hop.” She has had substantial emotional and professional growth at the age of 35, including two marriages and a parenthood journey. Her net worth of around $1 million shows her accomplishment in the entertainment industry. Erica’s candor regarding her plastic surgery and the accompanying public reactions illustrate both her candor and the criticism that public individuals experience. Erica Mena continues to be a renowned and powerful figure in the entertainment sector.

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