Eric Wareheim Wife: Meet Madison Borbely, the Australian Model and Creative Consultant

Eric Wareheim Wife
Eric Wareheim Wife

Eric Wareheim is a well-known actor, comedian, writer, director, musician, and vintner. Tim & Eric, his comic team with Tim Heidecker, and their multiple Adult Swim series are his most well-known works.

He also appeared on the Netflix series Master of None. But how about his private life? What is the name of his wife, and what does she do?

Eric Wareheim is married to Madison Borbely

Madison Borbely, an Australian model and creative consultant, is Eric Wareheim’s wife. The pair has been married for several years, but their relationship has remained private and low-key.

They don’t talk about each other much on social media, and they haven’t divulged anything about their wedding or how they met. Madison Borbely, sometimes known as Madi, is a former fashion model who has been in the profession since 2009.

Eric Wareheim Wife

She has modeled for Chanel, Dior, Prada, and Louis Vuitton, among others. She has also been featured in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Elle. She now works as a creative consultant, specializing in food, wine, and fashion. Her love of food and wine dates back to her youth when she lived in a house attached to her parents’ Sydney restaurant, Pizza in the Mist.

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Eric Wareheim and Madison Borbely share a love for food and wine

Eric Wareheim and Madison Borbely share a passion for cuisine and wine in common. Eric Wareheim is a co-founder of Las Jaras Wines, a winery in California that makes natural wines with no intervention.

He is also a foodie who appreciates learning about other cuisines and civilizations. He’s visited Italy, Japan, India, and other nations to try their cuisine and wines. He has also worked on projects with chefs such as David Chang and Aziz Ansari.

Madison Borbely enjoys food and wine and has a good eye for aesthetics and trends. She has been a creative consultant for several restaurants, wineries, and brands. She has also hosted food and wine pairing, style, and photography events and workshops.

She maintains a blog and an Instagram account where she discusses her culinary and wine views and experiences. She also hosts the Madi Uncorked podcast, in which she interviews wine experts, sommeliers, and winemakers.

Eric Wareheim and Madison Borbely are a private but happy couple

Eric Wareheim and Madison Borbely are not the type of couple that flaunts their romance in public or on social media. They would rather keep their personal lives out of the spotlight and concentrate on their work and passions.

They do, however, give glimpses of their love and happiness on their platforms on occasion. They’ve shared images of themselves traveling, dining, and partying as a group. They have also shown appreciation and support for one another’s efforts and accomplishments.

Eric Wareheim and Madison Borbely complement each other perfectly. They are both gifted, creative, and accomplished in their careers. They are also both culinary and wine enthusiasts who like traveling the world together. They are a quiet but content couple who have discovered their soulmates in one another.

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