Eric Persson Wife: Who Is She and What Does She Do?

Eric Persson Wife
Eric Persson Wife

Eric Persson is a Swedish-born businessman and entrepreneur best known for co-founding Maverick Gaming, one of the US casino industry’s fastest-growing enterprises.

He is also a poker player who played in a cash game with one of the highest pots in American televised poker history. But, who is his wife, and what does she do? Here’s everything you need to know about Eric Persson’s wife, Ann Persson.

How Eric Persson and Ann Persson Met?

Eric and Ann Persson met in the IT industry, where they both had successful careers. Ann Persson is a co-founder of Axis Communications, a software business that focuses on network video surveillance.

Eric Persson Wife

She also serves on the boards of many other technological companies, including Vokal Interactive and Cactus Technologies. Eric Persson developed various technology companies before focusing on the game industry. The duo has been married for many years and is passionate about entrepreneurship and creativity.

How Eric Persson and Ann Persson Support Each Other?

Eric and Ann Persson encourage each other’s professional and personal endeavors. They frequently attend events and conferences together, networking and exchanging ideas with other industry executives.

They also manage their hectic schedules by spending quality time with their family and friends. The couple has two children together, while Eric Persson has two more from a previous marriage.

They live in Las Vegas, Nevada, where they own businesses and enjoy the city’s nightlife and lifestyle. You may be interested in Eric Persson’s personal life, so scroll down the post at the conclusion.

Eric Persson Biography

Eric Persson was born on March 20, 1975, in Hoquiam, Washington, USA. His grandpa was a Swedish immigrant who moved to the United States in the 1800s. Fridolph Hilman Persson is Eric’s father. We know nothing about Eric’s mother, siblings, or any relatives.

Eric Persson Education

Eric Presson received his early schooling in his hometown at a local school. Between 1992 to 1998, he earned a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Criminal Justice, Psychology, Sociology, Political Science, and Government.

Eric Persson was a recognized member of the Shoalwater Bay Indian Tribe, an American Native tribe, for two years before enrolling in Georgetown University Law Center’s Juris Doctorate program.

Eric Persson Net Worth In 2024

Eric Persson’s anticipated net worth in 2024 is $40 million. He is the company’s founder and CEO. Maverick Gaming is worth more than one billion dollars.

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Maverick Gaming’s values are private, so an accurate estimation of his net worth is unavailable. If his estimated $1 billion valuation is correct, he may be worth more than $400 million. In addition to owning casinos, he also runs over 100 restaurants and gas stations under various labels.

According to sources, Persson owns a handful of Dragon Tiger Noodle Co. locations in Las Vegas as well as 40 independent restaurants. In the next years, he expects the value of his company to exceed $5 billion.

Eric Persson Age, Height, and Weight

Eric Persson is 48 years old and stands 5’8″ tall. His weight is 83 kg. His complexion is white, with brown body hair. He is one of the wealthiest individuals in the casino and gaming industry, with an estimated net worth of more than $50 million.

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